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The Top 4 Common Causes of Dump Truck Tire Problems

The Top 4 Common Causes of Dump Truck Tire Problems

Dump truck tires are some of the strongest tires you can buy. They must withstand thousands of pounds and rough terrain, and they’re designed for durability and longevity. However, they’re prone to damage in certain conditions. You could end up spending a lot to replace them when they fail. These are the top four common causes of dump truck tire problems and what you can do to avoid them on the job.


All tires have a designated pressure they must maintain to provide the most traction on the road. Without the right PSI, your dump truck will experience less shock absorption on rougher ground and it can even become more difficult to control. You should always stay aware of your tires’ current air quantity and refill them when needed. Tires can leak air over time, so stay on top of this with regular inspections.


Potholes can also cause a few issues for your tires. While they might not feel like much at the time, they can cause significant damage to the tire sidewall. This weakens the rubber and increases your chances of developing tire bubbles. These bumps are pockets of air that have leaked out of the inner tubing—which can lead to blowouts and accidents. You should avoid potholes as much as possible.


Another common cause of dump truck tire problems is loading your equipment beyond its capacity. Specific dump truck models each have a maximum amount of weight that they can carry at one time. This limit reduces the likelihood of truck rollovers and the amount of strain placed on the tires. Overloaded tires wear much quicker and lose their effectiveness on the road much sooner than you’d expect.

General Wear and Tear

With frequent trips over gravel and tons of materials to transport every day, your dump truck’s tires will sustain damage over time. You can’t completely prevent this, but you can check your tires on a regular basis to identify issues before they evolve into larger problems.

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