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Best Available Platforms to Do Bitcoin Cloud Mining


The technique of mining bitcoin using a distant data center with pooled computing power is known as cloud mining. This kind of cloud mining allows users could mine bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies without having to be able to the hardware. The mining rigs are stored and maintained at a mining company-owned facility, and the client just has to register and buy mining contracts or execute a cloud-based mining contract. Because cloud mining is a commodity, there is usually some cost involved, resulting in reduced profits for the miner. As a result, free cloud mining is now widespread. Several sites will give you a hash power boost when you join up, and you may use that hash power to start free cloud mining. 




SHAMINING is indeed a cloud mining service that allows anybody to start mining bitcoin for a minimal investment regardless of technical expertise or ability. The business, founded in 2018 by IT and cryptocurrency specialists, offers cloud mining services to anybody. It has a mining facility with powerful computers and rents out miners to anybody who wants to earn from cryptocurrencies. The business has three data centres, which are situated in San Jose (California, USA), London (UK), and Cape town (South Africa). The initiative has already gathered over 8,000 investors, who are profiting on a daily basis. The lowest investment to begin mining is just $50, and the platform’s average revenue multiplier is 1.43x. The gaming and animation features involved in the mining process make SHAMINING particularly engaging.


IQ Mining

IQ mining began offering its services in late 2016. Customers are mainly providing favorable comments these days. The business provides remote equipment that customers may rent in order to participate in cloud mining. IQ Mining has attracted over 50,000 users in a short period of time. Depending on your needs and investments, you may choose from three distinct packages:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

There are numerous cryptocurrencies from which to select for mining. Registration has been free, and no membership fee. To minimize the dangers, smart contracts are available. The UI of IQ Mining is extraordinarily gentle and user-friendly. Because it is headquartered in Europe, the platforms are available in four leading languages (French, Russian, Spanish, and English). Profit projections are very high in comparison to investments, which is inexplicable. The platform is ideal for modest investments till it gets greater consumer recognition.


HashNest Cloud Mining

HashNest, which was founded in 2014, is now one of the largest cloud mining businesses. HashNest’s parent business is BitMain Technologies, which has its headquarters in Beijing, China. HashNest enables its customers to engage in bitcoin mining via hash rate transactions, with earnings immediately transferred into the BitMain Wallet. Participants may simply download the Smartphone Application and utilized it wherever and whenever they want. HashNest also provides PACMiC (Payout Accelerating Cloud Mining Contract). You do not have to pay any fees after mining in this case since BitMain automatically pays for you. Users must first sign up for a HashNest account before receiving a HashNest wallet. Then users must put bitcoins further into their wallets and purchase Hashrates before cloud mining can begin. The payments made on HashNest are calculated using the PPLNS algorithm. For maximum security, HashNest users may utilize a 2FA or multiple authentication procedures.



BeMine, which was founded in early 2018, offers services within Russia and the CIS nations. They were the pioneers of ASIC-miner cloud sharing, which was the polar opposite of selling mining contracts. BeMine now runs over 70,000Th/s in Irkutsk, Moscow, and the Chelyabinsk area, as well as in Siberia and Almaty, Kazakhstan, and they are constantly expanding. BeMine connects together Russian network infrastructure and miners, as well as individuals across the world who wish to participate in cryptocurrencies. Miners are urged to maintain their devices at linked data centres. Users may also purchase and store mining equipment without having to be present for such purchase, shipping, installation, installation and maintenance of ASIC.

You may try with its portions if you do not want to buying the full ASIC-miner. BeMine can offer up to 1/100 portion of exact ASIC for a fair price, which may be a beneficial method to begin a coin mining process without purchasing a whole costly machine. However, if you have got the entire one, you may also buy ASIC door-to-door delivery. They now have fare computing contracts that include deposit extraction.


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