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What To Get an Electrician as a Gift This Year

What To Get an Electrician as a Gift This Year

Almost everybody has that one person in their life who’s almost impossible to shop for when it comes to birthdays and holidays. Sometimes, it’s due to the fact that they’re unreasonably picky, while other times, it’s because they have a job you don’t know too much about. That last one is especially tough. While we’d like to cover all careers in one article, that’s simply not possible, so we will focus on what to get an electrician as a gift this year. We hope you find at least one idea in here that you think they will enjoy.

Tools and Gadgets

While the most obvious, this section of gifts is one of the hardest to search for simply because you probably don’t know what the electrician in your life already has. Or maybe you simply have no idea what would be the most useful gift to them. We did our best to find ones that are practical, although not too common.

We’ll start with an easy one: the multitool. This gadget is bound to have one or two tools on it that your electrician friend doesn’t already own. However, even if they do manage to have them all, it never hurts to have all of them in one convenient place. If you want something a little less mainstream, you should look into a magnetic wristband. It’s hard to argue with the handiness of having all of your loose nails, screws, and tool bits practically in the palm of your hand.

One gift that many people consider for electricians is a flashlight in case the lights they’re working on go out. Unfortunately for you, most electricians will already have one. Luckily, there are other types available that will be equally as useful for them. The first one is a headlamp. Trying to juggle a flashlight with the tools you’re using isn’t easy, so not having to hold one would be a huge help. The same problem occurs when picking up dropped screws in dark places. That’s why our second suggestion is a lighted magnetic pickup tool.

Work Apparel

While not extremely hazardous, those who deal with electrical wires encounter occasional dangers like getting shocked or burned. They probably already have a jumpsuit that protects them from both, but there are plenty of more stylish options these days. If you want to buy them a nice fireproof shirt that protects against all electrical-related threats, then you’ll want to look into fire-resistant clothing options to make sure you get them the right kind.

Things To Use After Work

We’re sure your friend or family member has tons of interests that aren’t related to work. Still, if you want to get them something that is great for an electrician to use at home, this final section on what to get an electrician as a gift this year will be your best bet.

Any electrician will tell you that drying out their work boots can be a hassle. So, if you recognize that as a struggle for the one you know, you could get them a forced-air boot dryer. Some brands can even get rid of bad smells. If you are unsure whether or not they need that, something all people who work on their feet constantly need is a foot massager. There’s no way they’d be unhappy with that as a gift.

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