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The Clinton Courier announces Yard of the Month

Yard of the MonthThe September Yard of the Month reflects the care that Carolyn Miller gives to her 113 Pebble Lane lawn. She admits to loving every bit of the labor needed to maintain it just the way she wants. She smiles thinking about her husband Jeffery’s observation that her care could be termed somewhat obsessive.

“I like the yard to be neat and freshly cut,” Miller says, and she often goes back over it after cutting to be sure she hasn’t missed anything. The lawn keeps the same neat look throughout the year, and friends attest to the fact that the carefully manicured lawn, accented with several well-tended flower beds, has looked impressive season after season, year after year.

Miller does not admit to having a favorite among her flowers, although roses probably rank among the highest. When asked by others what they should plant, she answers, “Plant the flowers you like, because then you will be more likely to care for them.”
To appreciate the Miller yard, one has to drive by and see it, according to Cheryl Yeagley, special projects chair of the Happy Gardeners Club.

The Yard of the Month program is co-sponsored by The Clinton Courier and the Happy Gardeners Club. Nominations for Yard of the Month should be sent to Cheryl Yeagley at

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