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Tips to pack for moving and relocation

There are many reasons why you may be looking to move. You might have just bought a new home, or you might need to find a new place that is more affordable. Whatever the case may be, it can seem like an overwhelming task to pack up your life and relocate. That’s why we’re here to help! We’ve put together some tips for packing for moving so that you can do this as efficiently as possible.

Start early

The worst time to start packing is when you’re in the car and on your way to your new home (trust us). You’ll probably be exhausted and stressed out and ready for a nap, but that’s not the best time to unpack all of your boxes. The best thing you can do is start weeks in advance by creating an efficient packing list. Make sure you don’t leave things out like tape or markers because those will surely come in handy later.

Call a moving company!

In order to find the right moving company, you can visit the official website of Moving Astute since they review variety of companies and alsohave an extensive experience in this field. See if your new home came with any furniture or appliances that should stay (which should be negotiated before signing on the dotted line), and don’t forget to arrange for the truck drop-off as well as the pick-up later on down the road! It’s never too early to plan ahead, so keep these things in mind when you’re getting started today!

Label each box

If possible, try labelling each box with what’s inside it as well as which room it belongs in. This will make unpacking go much faster since you won’t have to throw everything out of the boxes to see what’s inside them. If you plan to use the moving company you’re hiring, don’t just throw all of your boxes into one or two giant piles- this will make unloading difficult.

Start with the essentials

Pack up everything in your bedroom and bathroom first before packing anything in the kitchen or living room. When it comes time to unpack, you want a place for everything, so start with the most essential things like your clothes and toiletries. If you have children, make sure they each have a box with all their toys and games in it as well- that way, they’ll be entertained while you pack!

Consider buying moving supplies

This is especially true if you’re planning on lifting heavy items like furniture. Protect your back and your strength by using moving straps, gloves, and dollies to make the job easier. Don’t forget to buy labels for these products as well if you don’t plan on labelling everything yourself!

Make a packing timeline

Putting together a timeline will allow others in your household to assist with the packing process, which means less work for you! Make sure that you give each person or couple their box or category of boxes so that no one is stepping on anyone else’s toes. This should also help unloading go much faster when it comes time!

Consider using cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are strong enough to hold up books, lamps, and mirrors but not so strong that they can’t be broken down for recycling after you get to your destination. They’re especially good if you’re moving a long distance because they take up less space than plastic bins and are easy to stack.

Keep the essentials close by

Keep the boxes containing your toiletries, chargers, and important documents near the front of each room so that everything stays together. These items should be out on display in case of emergencies- for instance, if a pipe bursts while you’re unpacking or a flood occurs from faulty plumbing. You’ll also want to keep all of your essential electronics next to each other in an accessible place as well- this includes laptops, tablets, phones/etc., anything with a power cord.

Keep your car organized

Make sure you have everything ready to go for the day of the move to avoid forgetting things in the rush. Put together a list of all of the essentials and keep it in your purse or pocket at all times just in case, then place them into separate bags that you can easily grab when it’s time to leave. This will save you from rushing around last minute and forgetting something very important!

Get moving!

Get to work on sorting through all of your things and packing up what needs to be packed! Start with easy items like clothing, books, toiletries, etc., then work on moving larger items like furniture if need be. If you haven’t yet hired a moving company, like ThreeMovers, you can always start small by asking friends and family to help you out with the process.


It can be hard to know what you need and pack for a move. Many essential things come into play when packing up your house and getting ready for the big day! There’s no one size fits all approach, but we’ve given some general tips that might help make this process easier on you.

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