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Americans Moved West and South in 2020, Study Shows

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Americans are on the move, and it’s not just a busy and hectic lifestyle. More families and individuals are moving homes to find something better for their wants and needs. These moves are becoming more and more common as many homeowners and renters move to upgrade to better home situations.

Where Are Americans Moving To?

According to a study by United Van Lines, Americans largely moved West and South in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Changes to social habits, constraints on travel, and personal impacts experienced during the pandemic have led to shifts in a range of habits and predicted trends. The popularity of Western and Southern locations is an example of such a shift.

Why Are Americans Moving to the South and to the West?

On a whole, these areas of the country are more open and rural compared to more Northern locations that were once the primary destination for new families and homeowners. These are areas that are more likely to have open spaces and homes with properties that are better suited for families and pets. There are approximately 75 million pet dogs in the US, which is more than any other country, and it’s important for many pet owners to move into a home where their companions have enough space to run around.


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Why Are Americans Moving Away from Cities?

Approximately 33% of renters move every year, but many Americans are moving away from cities for several reasons. Two of the most commonly cited reasons are that families are looking for more space and lower crime rates. There are significantly more break-ins during the last two weeks of the year than at any other time of year overall, but these numbers are much higher in cities than in more rural and open areas of the country. Moving to rural or suburban areas also gives more space for pet owners and the millions of pet dogs that live in the U.S. When people are faced with the decision to move, the safety and comfort of their canine family members are obviously factoring in strongly in their decision of where to move. These are points that are well worth considering as the trend continues into the new year.

Tips for Making a Smooth Move Across the Country

The following are some helpful tips to help make any move you have planned much easier and less stressful in the long run.

  • Start as soon as possible so you are not stressing at the end when time runs short
  • Compare moving companies and shop around before making a choice
  • Don’t skimp on the boxes and packaging so your possessions arrive intact
  • Consider leaving some items behind and buying new ones at your new home
  • Carefully plan to ensure you have enough space to pack everything
  • Keep special moving needs of kids, pets, and individual family members in the plan
  • Keep in touch with the moving company throughout the process start to finish

If you are planning for an upcoming move, be sure to take all of these things into consideration in order to get the best results and have the best possible experience with your move. So, check out these tips today and make sure you get the best possible moving experience!
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