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Things You Didn’t Know About The Florida Gambling Scene


Florida, or as some know it the Sunshine State, is home to the longest coastline in the US as well as Alligators outside homes and the infamous Florida Man. Today we will not be speaking about the coastlines, not alligators but rather around gambling facts you probably didn’t know about in Florida.


What is Gambling?

By the definition found in many dictionaries, gambling is the wagering or staking of anything of value on the outcome of a game, a contest, or an uncertain future event whose conclusion may be decided by chance or accident, or have an unexpected consequence due to the bettor’s mistake. In more simplistic terms Gambling is risking something for value in the hopes of achieving a profit from future outcomes which usually include big risks. Or even simpler, risking something of value in hopes of achieving more. This being said gambling doesn’t have to sound so mundane, wagers, when done in moderation can be loads of fun especially when splitting some cold ones over a game and a bet. Gambling in many places is still seen as taboo or something you should avoid entirely. Although unfair to blame the industry for certain unfortunate events like any industry mistakes are to be made before they can be improved upon. Thankfully today there are several gaming commissions such as the game promotions/sweepstakes division in Florida to help regulate and prevent certain individuals from going overboard when wagering while also ensuring protection to these individuals from nasty scam sites looking to profit and rip off customers.


How to Gamble in Florida

The Sunshine State has benefited from various forms of legal gambling since 1931. Gambling in Florida isn’t tricky with 77 casinos available in the state’s cities. That being said, players looking to play online have it a little trickier. With Online gambling laws being unaddressed the law is somewhat loose. If you are in the state of Florida and would love to gamble online you should check out this great guide by the experts at Basketballinsiders regarding the best online gambling sites in Florida, where you’ll find a stack of information regarding Florida Gambling sites as well as the laws and even bonuses and promotions currently being offered.


Florida Gambling Laws

Along with most of the US states the online gambling laws get intricate. Thankfully we are here to simplify them. Let’s start with the most common question is gambling in Florida legal? A straightforward answer is impossible as this would depend on several factors. For starters people residing in the state of Florida are legally allowed to wager at Tribunal Casinos, play slot machines and pari-mutuel betting at pari-mutuel establishments in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Unfortunately, though it seems like in many other US states, the term “online” Gambling seems to befuddle them as there are no laws to address the matter with over 20 years on the internet still no laws are in place. This means the Online gambling scene operates in a grey area. With no actual laws to prosecute gamblers wagering in the state, it’s not exactly illegal, that being said illegal gambling sites in the state are vigorously pursued and shut down by local Law Enforcement. So although Florida has passed a recent bill to allow Online Gambling there is no legal site in the state. Players will have to resort to using offshore sites to scratch the gambling itch at least for a little while longer.


Fun Facts About Florida Gambling

Although Online gambling has no Law addressed to it there still is still a legal age of a minimum of 18 years to be able to wager online. Gambling in Florida has different age minimums for different types of wagering. For example, slots and betting have a minimum age of 21 years. Meanwhile, offshore sites only require you to be 18+ to bet and play any casino game. If you think that’s confusing it’s because it is.


Florida once had a woman steal $500,000 to then go along and win over 13 million playing slots. Unfortunately, the story did not end there as she went along to bet the whole 13 Million and ended up losing it all.



Gambling Laws in Florida have been present since 1931 and since then have been improving to better serve the residents of the sunshine state. Online gambling and sports betting laws seem to be finally being processed but the future is still unclear. Hopefully we will see sports betting legalised before 2025 although chances are slim there seems to be an issue with tribunals. In the meantime, residents of the Sunshine State will have to resort to using offshore bookies and casino sites without fear of being prosecuted. Even though horse racing and casinos are legal in person the online sector is still waiting to be addressed. Meanwhile, racing fans can celebrate the recent Rhodes domination in the truck series and bettors have made a good profit.

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