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Is Legal Gambling Age in Mississippi Different from the Other States?

City on the Mississippi River

Gambling in the USA is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the most obvious examples of the country’s gambling activity. Both cities have areas condensed with land-based casinos and sports betting options. However, there is a third notable part of the United States that also has a reputation for gambling – the Mississippi River, the Gulf Coast, and the state of Mississippi itself.

The state government introduced the Mississippi Law Code of 1942 rendering some forms of gambling illegal. Although, no government body upheld the framework, and so gambling went on unchallenged until around the 1950s when the government began to crack down. Since then, the state has had new laws in place including tribal gambling agreements with Native Americans.

Under the new Mississippi State gambling laws, the state mostly requires citizens to be 21 or over to gamble. Yet, these age restrictions differ depending on the type of betting. There is plenty of information covering the current legal Mississippi gambling age at which this article will make comparisons within the sections below.

Mississippi Gambling Age Laws Are Similar to the Majority of other US States

The go-to gambling age for most US states is 21 years or older, and Mississippi tends to uphold the 21 years of age rule across the most form of gambling in the state.

  • Sports Betting: 21
  • Casinos: 21
  • Poker: 21

These age restrictions are limited to land-based and retail gambling only. Currently, those in support of brining online gambling to Mississippi have been unable to gather enough votes to push through a reform on the current state gambling act to introduce online entities. Mississippi news reports covering the story also heavily used negative headlines, which did not help matters.

State With a Gambling Age of Over 21 to Bet on Casino Games, Poker & Sports Betting

For the most part, Mississippi’s gambling age restrictions on ‘Sports Betting’, ‘Casinos’, and ‘Poker’ are in line with the majority of other US states. These states all have a legal form for each of these gambling activities and agree with Mississippi’s gambling age.

  • Nevada
  • Iowa
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Indianan
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
  • Connecticut – (21 Tribal Casinos/Online Casinos/Poker/Online Poker)

States With the Same ‘Casino’ but Different ‘Sports Betting’ Age Restrictions Mississippi

Some states mix up their sports betting and casino age restrictions. As mentioned, Mississippi’s the legal age to gamble in casinos or on sports betting is 21 or over. However, the states listed below require that citizens are 21 for casino gambling and 18 for sports betting.

  • New Hampshire (Age 21 for casinos gambling 18 for sports betting)
  • Oregon (Age 21 for casinos gambling & 18/21 for sports betting)
  • New York (Age 18/21 for casino & sports betting)

States That Differ from Mississippi Gambling Age Laws

As for states where the legal gambling age in Mississippi is different, there are quite a few examples of this across ‘Casino’, ‘Sports Betting’, and ‘Poker’. The 2 most obvious states with completely different gambling ages are Montana and Vermont.

  • Montana (Age 18 for all forms of gambling)
  • Vermont (Age 18 for all forms of gambling)
  • Arkansas (Age 21 casino/sports & 18 for poker)
  • Idaho (Age 18 casino/poker & 21 sports betting)
  • Michigan (Age 18/21 casinos, 21 sports & 18 poker)
  • Rhode Island (Age 18 casinos, 21 sports & 18 poker)
  • New Hampshire (Age 21 for casinos gambling 18 for sports betting/poker)
  • New York (Age 18/21 for casino/sports betting & 18 for poker)
  • Oregon (Age 21 for casinos gambling, 18/21 for sports betting & 21 for poker)
  • Arizona – (Online sports betting only age 21 & Poker 21)
  • Washington – (Casino 18/21, Sports Betting 21 & Poker 18)

States That Differ from Mississippi Where Only Casinos & Poker Are Legal (No Sports Betting)

The final comparison make between Mississippi gambling age laws and other states is to compare those that do not allow sports betting at this time but do regulate casino gambling and poker.

Legal Age is 21 Casino & Poker (Same as Mississippi gambling age laws)

  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota – (18/21 Casino & 21 Poker)

Legal Age is 18 Casino & Poker (Different to Mississippi gambling age laws)

  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC
  • Wisconsin
  • Kentucky
  • California – (18/21 Casino/Poker)

Legal Ages for Casino & Poker Vary

  • Alabama – (21 Casino & 18 Poker)
  • Florida – (21 Tribal Casinos & 18 Poker)
  • Oklahoma – (18/21 Casino/Poker)
  • Wyoming – (18 Casino/21 Poker)

Rounding Up Mississippi Gambling Age Restrictions Vs Other States

There is no doubt that Mississippi is one of the strictest states when it comes to gambling age restrictions. The laws states that all forms of gambling require citizens to be over 21. Even though not mentioned this also includes lottery, bingo, and other forms of gambling in the state. As for online gambling, there are currently no legal online casinos, poker, or sports betting sites in the state, and no legal framework passed to regulate any form of online betting in Mississippi. If you are under the age 21, and you want to gamble, then there are alternative states to Mississippi to visit.

If you are interested in Mississippi’s gambling history, check out the Mississippi Encyclopaedia. More, and as a final word, if you do not see a state mentioned like Hawaii, it is because all forms of gambling are illegal in the state unlike in other countries over here in Australia.

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