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Olde Towne to get more parking spots

By Randy Bell

It’s a complaint you often hear from people visiting Clinton’s Olde Towne District – it’s sometimes hard to find a place to park. But the City has a plan to create about fifty additional spots. And there’s a reason it’s being done with a sense of urgency.

“We’re just trying to get positioned for restaurants coming in,” said Main Street Clinton Director Tara Lytal.

The Board of Aldermen approved the plan at its October 4 meeting after Mayor Phil Fisher said Clinton has an opportunity to bring more two restaurants to Olde Towne – but both have expressed concern about the availability of parking. Many of the new spaces would be along Monroe Street. Fisher said some tests have been done to see if there would be an impact on the flow of traffic.

“We have parked cars and run cars past them to make sure there’s clearance so that we can have parking along Monroe Street, which would run on one side, and still allow two-way traffic.”

Additional parking spaces would be carved out along Main, Madison, Leake and Jefferson streets. The City plans to use paint or tape to mark the concrete edges of the brick streets to identify the spaces, leaving the bricks untouched.

Developer Tim Parkman says it’s possible that at least one of the Olde Towne restaurant projects could be completed by early next year. He’s been renovating a couple of old buildings at 110 and 112 West Leake with a restaurant-tavern concept in mind. He’s working with a potential partner to make it happen, although nothing is finalized yet. The second restaurant would be located in another of Parkman’s buildings on the opposite corner at 312 Jefferson Street.


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