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Arrow Drive pathway offers exercise options

By Randy Bell

People living in north Clinton were starting to use the new multi-purpose path along Arrow Drive even before the work was finished. And it’ll likely become busier with some Clintonians making New Year’s resolutions to exercise more.

At its meeting on November 15 of last year, the Board of Aldermen approved a final payment to the contractor, closing the books on the $709,000 project which the Mississippi Department of Transportation helped to pay for.

“These projects are done under the Federal Highway Administration, MDOT and the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District,” said Consulting City Engineer Bill Owen. “The City of Clinton is part of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, and we all, for lack of a better term, fight for funds when it comes to transportation-related items. And this was one of those that’s funded partially by MDOT in terms of the funding that’s necessary for the design and construction.”

Owen said the City covered twenty-five to thirty per cent of the costs.

The new path runs about three quarters of a mile from Pinehaven Drive to Cynthia Drive.

“Now, if you take into account the fact that it connects to the sidewalk [on Pinehaven] as well as to the trail inside Traceway Park, it’s considerably longer than that,” Owen said.

And there’s alternate route for those who want to get off the pavement and away from the traffic.

“The City about a year and a half ago completed what I would call a ‘nature trail’ that leads off of this path and goes between the schools and into the wooded area back there. It’s a crushed limestone trail.”

The Board voted in September of last year to use $225,000 left over from the Northside Drive paving project to install decorative lights along the Arrow Drive pathway.
“Sometime after the first of the year, we’ll begin the design process on that, and hopefully we’ll bid that sometime in the latter part of spring or early summer,” Owen said.
LED street lights already provide some illumination for people using the path at night.

“It’s pretty safe, but what we hope to do is provide some bollard lighting, which is the lower height lighting, to promote walking. We encourage people to get out there and use it.”

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