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4 Home Renovations Mississippi Homeowners Are Making a Priority This Year

For most Americans, a home is their largest investment. If you’re a homeowner in Mississippi, you may be wondering how to upgrade your home and want to gain insight into what other homeowners in the state are prioritizing. From home additions to bathroom updates, here are a few choices you could consider.

1. Additions

Don’t feel restricted because your home doesn’t have enough rooms. One of the top things to do is to create home additions by taking nontraditional spaces such as attics and basements and converting them into more livable areas. Some people are also finishing off their garages with insulation and sealed floors. Others are building additional structures onto their existing home to further expand it. If you are doing certain additions, ensure you have the right permits and team on hand. According to Bob Vila, a crane may be needed for home additions and third-floor renovations because they can swing out to 42 feet to reach the top part of your home. If you have neighbors nearby, inform them you’re doing this type of work, as it might disturb them for a period.

2. Countertops

The kitchen is the center of most homes. It isn’t just a room where you store your food in. It’s also the room where people cook, gather together, and prepare their food. Some people also use it as a makeshift study area. When people come over, they’re just as likely to sit and have a cup of coffee in the kitchen instead of the living room. Some people also like to entertain in their kitchen, so they need the right areas to show off. That’s where countertops and islands come in. If you’re unsure which countertop material is best, you may want to start with granite. As many as 64% of new homes used granite for countertops.

3. Flooring

As you walk, run, sit, and move your furniture around on your floors, they can take a beating over time. That’s why more Mississippi homeowners are renovating their floors throughout their homes. If you have an old carpet with too many stains that appear worn down, consider replacing it with a new, higher-quality carpet or opt for hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are not only associated with luxury and class but with the right maintenance, can last for up to a century. Further, enhance your floors with epoxy coating. Epoxy sealing is a clear coating you can put over just about any type of floor like hardwood, stone, cement, and vinyl. It further protects your floors from scratches and damage. These sealed floors are easy to clean and can last for several years.

4. Bathroom

The national average ROI for an upscale bathroom remodel is 56.2%, according to Zillow. It’s certainly worth investing in since your bathroom is a room you have to spend some time in daily. So why not make your bathroom look its best so you can feel your best? You can paint your bathrooms a baby blue color, which can result in up to $5000 in additional profit from a home sale, according to Forbes. Bathroom renovation can also help you save money in terms of water conservation. Plumbers can install dual-flush toilets which can severely reduce the number of gallons of water you use in each flush.

Owning a home in Mississippi comes with many renovation choices. Keep up with your neighbors by ensuring you have the best granite countertops, a modern bathroom, beautifully sealed floors, or a new livable space like a bedroom or office. Just check you have the right permits and contractors on deck so your home renovation goes off without a hitch.

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