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CPSD Asking For Parents Help In School Drop-Off And To Be Aware Of 3rd Party Phone Apps

Parents asked to help streamline elementary school drop-off

Parents asked to help streamline elementary school drop-offThe Clinton Public School District is asking parents who drop children off at schools on Arrow Drive – Clinton Park Elementary, Northside Elementary, and Eastside Elementary – for their help in streamlining the morning drop-off process.

Parents are encouraged to have their student unbuckled and with their backpack and other items ready to go before arriving at the drop-off point on their campus. Children should exit their vehicle when the car rider line stops and the car is at the covered walk. Parents are asked to give hugs, kisses, fist bumps, and high fives prior to dropping off their student.

All students should exit from the passenger side of the vehicle, and parents should remain in their vehicles.
Parents are asked to stay aware and keep the line moving with the flow of traffic, to help prevent large gaps in the line.

The District says the goal is for all students to exit their cars safely and independently.



Parents are urged to pay attention to third-party apps

Parents are urged to pay attention to third-party appsThe Clinton Public School District encourages parents and students to be mindful of providing personal information in apps available through their smartphone.

Apps like Saturn, available for iPhone only, ask students to provide personal information, such as their name and grade, school, email address, and a picture, in order to use the app. By providing this information on the app, it becomes visible to the public and can be shared among members.

CPSD teaches digital citizenship, emphasizing the importance of being aware when sharing personal information with third-party apps such as Saturn. Parents are encouraged to talk with their students about being safe online and keeping personal information secure.

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