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Canadian Online Casinos Compared with USA’s Gaming Sites

Canada and the USA are highly different in certain aspects, but when it comes to the casino gaming scene, things are more similar than they are different. However, similarity does not mean identical, and certain important differences are particularly relevant for overseas players who have a free choice of enjoying casino entertainment in the nation of their choice. And one country is surprisingly clear as the better option for deciding where to have fun with casino games.

Recent Changes in Online Betting

For a long time, the USA took a harder stance against betting (Las Vegas aside) than Canada, which made it slightly odd that the US first opened up sports and casino betting online. Afraid of getting left behind (and having players opt for US sites, transferring revenues south), Canada soon did likewise and shifted from a grey stance to a more permissive one.

Whether playing in Toronto or New York it is now possible to bet on sports. In addition, most states now either have online betting (sports and casinos) or are in the process of opening up to them. North of the border, this liberalization is also occurring, and, just as in the USA, this is done on a state basis, so in Canada, it is provincial authorities who are responsible for regulating this sector. This does mean a small amount of variation for the most part, even within each country, although some parts (Utah, for example) remain firmly against online betting.

Finding Top Canadian Casinos

The Canadian casino market is in rude health, and the best-rated casino sites in Canada offer a tasty combination of generous promotions, great games, and an extensive range of banking options for players, domestic and foreign. Players are spoilt for choice, and this embarrassment of riches can make it time-consuming and difficult to decide just where to play. One way to cut down on hours spent browsing so there’s more time for having fun is to consult a legitimate and trusted source in which industry professionals offer objective third-party reviews. This makes it far quicker to compare and contrast the best online Canadian casinos and weigh up which has the most appealing games, bonuses, and options for depositing and withdrawing cash.

More Banking Options in Canada

In the US, the complexity of law regarding online gaming and transactions means that the supporting banking methods tend to be on the limited side. While credit and debit cards are commonplace, as are crypto options, Canadian casinos tend to have a longer list when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. More e-wallets are available, usually north of the border, in addition to the Canadian-specific option of Interac.

Taxation and the IRS

One of the biggest differences between the USA and Canada when it comes to the casino gaming scene is also the clearest area where the northern nation is superior, and that’s taxation. In many countries, such as the United Kingdom, there is no tax on gambling winnings. This also applies in Canada, which has a slightly more European than American feel to its online gaming environment.

A fun fact for Americans to learn is that the IRS’ avaricious nature is renowned even overseas (just ask a European who’s had to fill in a W8-BEN form). However, this acquisitive desire is also present domestically, as proven by the taxation that winnings from wagers are subject to in the USA. And this isn’t just applicable to lotteries and bingo. It covers online casino games, from slots (the most popular category) to poker, poker tournaments, and other table games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. Even if Lady Luck smiles at you, the IRS is standing at her shoulder demanding its cut.

It’s worth noting that while this is always the case for Americans, players from overseas might be able to get reductions (naturally, there’s the hassle and stress of paperwork involved, this is the IRS, after all). Generally speaking, the flat 24% federal tax rate will have to be paid on winnings of a moderate or large size (the threshold varies by game category). Some states also levy their own tax, although others have no gambling tax at all.

Or a player can simply opt to visit premium Canada online casinos and keep their winnings without any stress researching US tax law, how to pay tax, and how to get an exemption if eligible. It’s a straightforward choice between low-hassle fun and the ‘enjoyment’ of researching federal taxes in another country.

Currencies and Languages

Needless to say, Canadian casinos and US casinos always offer CAD and USD respectively. Still, both may support betting in numerous other currencies (with GBP, AUD, and EUR being top of the international list). Because the US dollar is used so widely on a global scale, many people not in the US get paid in the currency anyway, which may make this slightly more convenient. That being said, Canadian casinos are more likely to support multiple currencies precisely because CAD is not a global currency. On the language front, both types of sites tend to have English as the major language, while Canadian casinos are more likely to have the alternative option of French. Overall, language options don’t differ too much.

While there’s a lot of similarity between the iGaming scene in the USA and Canada, the grasping nature of the IRS makes it a no-brainer to play at a Canadian casino.

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