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Is Moving From Toronto to New York a Good Idea?

New York City: Home to The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Empire State Building. Being one of the most delightful cities globally, it boasts an endless array of things to do.

But as a resident of Canada’s largest city, is moving to New York a great idea? Let’s find out…

Moving locally can be challenging, leave alone relocating to another country altogether! Adjusting to the new culture, making friends, and planning finances are some of the things that worry even the ones most excited to relocate. You can also start your own business by getting an LLC in New York.

New York

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Luckily, Toronto and New York have various things in common. But if you want to move from Toronto to New York, various factors must remain top of mind.

So, what is it you must consider?

Economic & Job Opportunities

If the intention behind moving is to find better job opportunities, relocating to New York is a wise decision.

Toronto has a booming IT sector and is considered Canada’s tech hub. However, its economic activities don’t compare to that of New York.

For starters, New York is home to various fortune 500 companies as well as a multitude of other globally recognized businesses. Pfizer, Citigroup, American Express, AIG, Deloitte, and IBM are excellent examples of successful companies.

According to Investopedia, New York ranks third among the largest economies in the United States – and twelfth globally – boasting a GDP of $1.7 trillion. With such a thriving economy, there is never a shortage of business and job opportunities.

Weather Condition 

Canada is known for its biting winters. And even though Toronto’s winter is better than other states in Canada, it is still icy compared to New York City.

The average temperature in New York during the cold season is 6 degrees celsius, while that of Toronto averages at -5.5 and can go lower.

So, if you are tired of Toronto’s severe blizzards, why not move to New York, where the winter season is more bearable?


Even with Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Niagara Falls, and Entertainment District, Toronto doesn’t have half New York’s attractions.

Apart from the most famous attractions mentioned earlier, New York has other undeniably unique sites to see:

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Museum of Natural history
  • Museum of the Moving Image. 

As a family, you can enjoy a sightseeing cruise, helicopter tours, and visit Top of the rock, one of the most popular observation decks in the city.


Toronto has its fair share of entertainment options. However, very few cities match New York City’s entertainment options. For instance, the city offers an extensive list of clubs, pubs, and music concerts for nightlife lovers. 

Additionally, there are a lot of family-fun activities such as indoor skydiving, boat rides, futuristic exhibitions, movie theaters that guarantee immersive experiences, and many more. There is surely never a dull day in New York City! So, is moving to New York a great idea? But of course!

Toronto is a great place to stay, a lot of people move from New York to Toronto, but, from what we have established, New York City offers more lucrative job opportunities, a better climate, and un-ending entertainment options.

New York

Make Your Move As Seamless as Possible

Moving to a different country can be overwhelming. Apart from dealing with cultural differences, the actual moving process can be highly stressful. From packing to ensuring your most prized possessions reach their destination in one piece, chances are high that your move will not be as straightforward as you hope.

But that’s why professional moving companies are here.

Moving Company Advantages 

As a reputable local and international moving company well-versed in Toronto to New York relocations, professional movers eliminate the stresses of moving, allowing you to concentrate on other critical tasks.

  • The international moving company possesses the experience to make your transition as smooth as possible. Professional movers have extensive knowledge on how to pack goods for long-distance moves. 
  • In addition, they leverage the latest technologies and advanced equipment to secure your furniture, valuables, and other belongings safely. They will carefully wrap all your items to prevent scratches and breakages. Whichever mode of transportation you choose, be sure that they will secure everything in place to ensure nothing is damaged while in transit.
  • Besides, having helped tons of people relocate from Toronto to New York, movers know all vital information about the city in regards to relocation regulations. Therefore, they will handle all customs requirements to ensure a hassle-free process.

Additionally, moving companies understand that many people who relocate have a strict timeline. As such, they provide swift and efficient services, allowing you to be at your new residence as fast as possible. 

Allow professional moving company to do the heavy lifting. Trust that they will make even the most complex move as seamless as possible.

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