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John Clarke Altman

A Nonsensical Spring Poem

A vision so deeply and truly green, As a painter who forgot the rest of his palette. The richness of color that one can point to As the definition of that shade. The example of green Resides in the Mississippi Spring.   Even the roadside weeds look beautiful. I hesitate to pull weeds sometimes. When…

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I Wonder Why the Road Means So Much

I wonder why the road means so much. Today it changed me without my knowing, As it has with so many others. On my drive to work, I passed a man, Just a normal man, but he was walking in the road, So he was not normal. He was shooing a fly, but he was…

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Introduction: John Clarke Altman

My name is John Clarke Altman. I am 22 years old, and currently living in Clinton with my wife of 6 months (Alli) and my newly acquired dog (Pip.) I am working in the Missions department at First Baptist Church Jackson, and most importantly to this conversation, I deeply enjoy writing and reading literature of…

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