3 of the Most Important Tips for Shipping a Car

3 of the Most Important Tips for Shipping a Car


If you’re planning on moving soon, you’ve probably thought about transporting your clothes and furnishings—but what about your car? You could drive your car to your new home, but if you own a classic or luxury vehicle or if you’re relocating across the country, doing so may not be feasible. If you’re moving and need to transport your car, you may want to consider working with a reputable auto shipping company. Below, we share three main tips for shipping a car.

Do Your Research

Because shipping is a car is a huge decision, researching companies that specialize in auto transport is important. First, you’ll need to determine whether these companies use enclosed or uncovered carriers. Covered carriers will offer more protection, but they cost more than uncovered carriers. Also keep the costs of shipping a car in mind. Retrieve quotes from the companies you’re interested in. Prices usually vary depending on the distance to your destination, the size and weight of your vehicle, and your pickup and delivery dates. Plus, you should check out the companies’ reviews on sites such as Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau.

Ask About Insurance

Don’t forget to inquire about cargo and liability insurance—damage can occur during transit, so full coverage is a must. Check with your car insurance company to see what coverage you have.

Before and after shipping your vehicle, fully inspect it and note any dents or scratches. Your notes and photos will act as evidence if you need to file a damage claim. Also make sure you carefully read the Bill of Lading from your shipping company. It should show every charge, your method of payment, and the insurance coverage for the move.

Plan in Advance

When it comes to transporting your car, giving yourself enough time to prepare for shipment is one of the best things you can do. Unlike your average package, a shipped car can take weeks to arrive at its destination—so if you want your car to arrive when you need it, you’ll need to plan ahead.

To start, you must pick a location where the company can pick up your vehicle. Then it’s time to make sure your car is ready for the adventure ahead. Thoroughly wash your car, since it’s easier to notice imperfections on a clean vehicle. Empty out your vehicle, make any necessary repairs, and turn off the car alarm. Your belongings, a malfunction, or a sounding alarm could easily delay your shipment.

Additionally, make sure your car has a charged battery and inflated tires. You should essentially prepare your car as if you’re driving to your new home, although your vehicle thankfully won’t require a full tank of gas for its journey. A quarter to a half tank of gas is all you’ll need. Lastly, you must hand your keys and registration documents to the shippers. Once you complete the steps we outlined, your car should be ready to move!

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