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5 Effective Tips on How to Clean Your Attic


Although your attic is likely the least visited area of your home, ignoring it is a huge mistake. Sure, cleaning your attic may sound unpleasant, but by doing it at least twice a year and hiring Attic Cleaning Services, you can easily prevent dangerous mold and unwelcome pests. For our valuable tips on how to clean your attic yourself, just keep reading.

Properly Equip Yourself

For your own safety, it’s crucial to dress the part and properly prepare your work space. First and foremost, wear a disposable mask so that you don’t inhale harmful particles. You may also want to wear an apron, goggles, kneepads, and rubber gloves. You never know what you’re going to encounter in this area of your home, so it’s better to prepare for the unexpected. Also make sure you’re equipped with the proper supplies before entering your attic: old rags are ideal for dusting, and a shop light effectively illuminates this otherwise dim area of your home.

Moreover, if you come across a significant amount of clutter and debris in your attic, consider dumpster rental at to efficiently dispose of the unwanted items. With the proper safety gear and a convenient dumpster rental service, you can confidently tackle your attic cleaning project and transform the space into a more organized and functional area of your home.

Sort Through Your Personal Belongings

Before you begin cleaning or repairing areas of your attic, it’s important to move everything out of it. This is the perfect opportunity to sort through any underutilized belongings you may store in this area of your home. Determine what you want to keep and get rid of items you haven’t touched. Then, organize your remaining belongings into boxes or containers. In case you find a lot of items that need to be discarded, you may want or a similar platform to provide you with a dumpster for you to dispose of it all.

Inspect Your Insulation

Insulation is essential because it separates your attic from the rest of your home. When you make your way up to the attic, check to see if mold has contaminated your insulation. If you see mold, don’t try to take care of it alone. Call in a team of professionals to remove and replace the old insulation. If your insulation is below your attic’s floor joists, you may need to add more.

Remove Dirt and Dust

Now, you can finally begin cleaning your attic. Wipe down the baseboards, beams, frames, walls, and any other dusty areas. Remember to dust important fixtures that homeowners commonly overlook, such as ceiling fans and vents. Go through the attic with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter vacuum cleaner to suck up dander, dead insects, and other health hazards. Don’t forget to use the hose to get into the corners. We also recommend cleaning the attic windows with your favorite glass cleaner; they’re certain to look better without cobwebs and streaks. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your attic, you can move your belongings back in.

Watch Out For Pest Infestation

Airy attics that are far away from the hustle and bustle provide an abundance of shelter for pests looking for peace, quiet, or a place to raise their young ones. This makes it important for you to rely on pest control services. Pest extermination by Positive Pest protects your home from harmful insects/bugs that can cause health issues and costly damages to your property. According to a survey, The United States spends over $6 Billion on pest control services.

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