Electives to Consider Taking in High School

Electives to Consider Taking in High School

Your high school electives should never be throwaway classes that you take just to get the credits required to graduate. Taking an extra class you enjoy is encouraged, but electives shouldn’t be classes you take just for the fun of it. Your chosen electives can actually play huge roles in your life after graduation—they can help you get a head start on adulthood. We’ve created a list of our top picks of electives you should take in high school.

1. Public Speaking

Public speaking is a powerful skill to have, and mastering it will have a powerful impact on your future success. It improves your confidence, your communication skills, and the way you treat the spoken word. You’ll find that learning to speak in front of an audience helps you conduct yourself in business affairs such as interviews and meetings, as well as in your personal life.

2. Computer Programming

It’s the digital age, and the ability to work well on a computer will improve your ability to perform several tasks, whether it’s coding or working in Excel. This knowledge will give you a leg up when it comes to standing out in the professional world. Many companies are looking for people who can properly navigate a computer—you want to be one of those people.

3. Welding

Though many schools focus on soldering—which is essentially welding at lower temperatures—welding is a great introduction to this multifaceted world. On a smaller scale, you can use the skill for small repairs or home projects. On a bigger scale, people looking for careers will find an abundance of industries looking for talented welders.

4. Art

Hobbyists and aspiring artists can recognize the benefits of learning how to examine shapes and translate them onto a page. This can be a way to begin your career without having to get a degree in art. Many people shy away from art-related careers because they’re reluctant to pay for the schooling, but in many cases, a degree isn’t required to get a job in the field. If you learn the basics in high school and have the dedication to learn the more technical aspects on your own, you can get started in this career right out of high school.

5. Nutrition

Many of us leave home and resign ourselves to a four-year-long diet of ramen noodles and burgers from the dollar menu. However, we shouldn’t spend several years subjecting our bodies to harmful diets. A nutrition class will give you the tools you need to know how to fuel yourself properly and keep your body happy. You’ll also learn that cooking your own meals can allow you to keep a healthy diet on a limited budget.

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