U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to Host Innovation Summit at ERDC


Government, industry, and academia will soon have a chance to connect and collaborate in a high-tech, innovative setting in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and facilitated by ERDCWERX, the USACE Innovation Summit 2019 will be held at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), September 17-18, 2019. A high-profile industry day with national visibility, the USACE Innovation Summit will feature presentations on military and civil innovations, exhibits, tech challenges, and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.

Over 400 attendees are expected from across the United States. Industry and academia will have the opportunity to form relationships with USACE senior and project leaders who seek new partnerships that can contribute to the development and commercialization of solutions for homeland security, disaster avoidance/recovery, and integrated water resources.

Key leaders and panelists from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will include Lt. Gen. Todd T. Semonite, 54th Chief of Engineers and Commanding General; Charles “Ray” Alexander, director for Continency Operations; Gary Blohm, director of Army Geospatial Center; Lloyd Caldwell, director of Military Programs; James Dalton, director of Civil Works; Thomas Holden, Jr., Regional Business Director (MVD); Dr. David Pittman, director of Research and Development and ERDC, and Dovarius Peoples, director of Corporate Information.

Mr. David Ollila, president and chief innovation officer of Skypoint Ventures, will be a featured guest speaker at the event. Ollila will share personal experiences from the invention process and describe the unique “100K Ideas” approach to helping “relieve the innovator of the entrepreneurial burden.”

Tours of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center will be available to registered attendees on a limited first come, first-served basis. Tours will feature a Mini-Submersible Robotic Dredge, Fish Flume, Blast Load Simulator, Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC), and Ship Tow Simulator.

Attendees will receive the chance to learn about upcoming collaboration opportunities in development, prototyping, production, and licensing during a moderated panel, and participate in friendly, competitive gamification with the 2019 USACE Innovation Summit event app.

For more information about the USACE Innovation Summit or to register, visit https://www.erdcwerx.org/usace-innovation-summit-2019.html.

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