Clinton Arrow Swim Team Qualifies for North State Meet

The Clinton Arrow Swim Team has been busy under first year coach Marcy Rushing.

Rushing’s young squad has consistently put pressure on teams with much older swimmers, allowing for their confidence to grow as the North State meet approaches.

“The younger team members have stepped up this year helping to get plenty of swimmers qualified for North State,” head coach Marcy Rushing said. “I can’t wait to see how we compete in these final two meets.”

Twelve Arrows recorded qualifying times for the Arrows, securing spots in the Oct. 19 meet in Cleveland.

Senior Reggie Moore qualified as did sophomores Celia Pennington, Cody Swann and Caleb Swann.

Freshmen Elizabeth Thaggard, Porter Cronin, Cayden Whipple and Toby Gilbert also qualified for the North State meet.

Sarah Rhodes, Carson Dowd and Rosemary Williamson qualified as 8th graders, and Colin Guan is the lone 7th grader competing in the North State meet.

Clinton’s 200-yard girls’ freestyle relay team qualified for the North State meet.

Clinton’s 200-yard medley along with the 200 and 400-yard freestyle relay teams qualified as well.

The North State meet is scheduled for October 19 in Cleveland, Mississippi, with the State meet in Tupelo on October 26.

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