How to Prepare Your Home for Bad Weather

How to Prepare Your Home for Bad Weather

The severe weather associated with the winter season is approaching quickly. As such, many homeowners are taking advantage of the limited time they have left and preparing their homes for the hazardous conditions ahead. Learn how to prepare your home for bad weather, and protect your property from unnecessary damage this winter.

Reinforce Your Windows

As the harsh storms close in, it’s crucial that your windows are up to the task of defending you. Some homeowners may have to install specialized storm windows; others might have to install a set of exterior shutters to add an additional layer of protection. Shutters also offer a series of additional benefits. No matter which method you choose, remember to test the security of your windows to ensure they’re always ready for anything.

Trim the Trees on Your Property

Storms can snap large branches off nearby trees and send them crashing down on your home. Depending on how big the branches are, you could be facing a few costly repairs. To save your roof—and your wallet—be sure to trim any low-hanging or unstable-looking branches before the storm hits. This will ensure that nothing is in falling perimeter around your home and that there won’t be any surprise damages once the storm is over.

Inspect Your Roof and Gutters

Whether it comes in the form of snow or rain, water can seep into your foundation and cause serious damage if you don’t properly direct it away from your home. For this reason, a strong roof and functioning set of gutters are crucial to have before severe weather reaches your area. When inspecting your roof, be sure to look for any possible leaking points and patch any that you find. For your gutters, remember to clear them of any debris and make sure that the joints are all intact to ensure the best results.

Store Your Outdoor Furniture

Packing away all your outdoor supplies and furniture before a storm is the most effective way to protect them from damage. However, if you simply don’t have the space to move these pieces indoors, you can still protect them by covering them with tarps and securing the tarps with cords. This will protect your property from damp conditions while keeping the inside of your home clutter-free.

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