How to Go Green in Construction

How to Go Green in Construction

Environmental awareness is essential, especially in the construction industry. Construction companies should know how to be more energy-efficient in order to implement the most environmentally friendly practices. How to go green in construction is something every project manager or construction company should know so that they can use cost-efficient, resource-saving techniques.

Get Green Certified

Construction companies can get certified to show they’re sustainable and environmentally cautious. This is called getting “green certified.” Ultimately, this certification shows that your company cares about sustainable building practices and engages in energy-saving techniques. The primary certifier in this field is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Construction companies should follow LEED’s criteria to ensure a high eco-friendly rating. Another certifier is the Green Building Initiative (GBI). Their criteria promote sustainable building guidelines for residential structures. GBI works with the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) in constructing energy-efficient residential properties.

Use Sustainable Materials

Simply put: a green construction project requires green materials. This means construction companies should use sustainable building materials in their projects. These materials are more cost-effective and durable than traditional ones. Some examples include recycled concrete, recycled steel, recycled wood, plastic composite lumber, wool bricks, and structural insulated panels. Even materials used for a building’s interior, such as carpeting, paint, and coatings, can be sourced more sustainably. These materials will reduce your carbon footprint as well as your volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Implement New Solutions

Many eco-friendly technologies and solutions are available for implementation in construction. More and more building designs include environmentally focused features, which effectively reduce their carbon emissions. Energy-alternative techniques such as solar panels provide efficient energy savings. Construction companies can implement smaller energy-saving techniques, too. Programmable thermostats, green HVAC systems, geothermal energy systems, and eco-friendly lighting are all options to promote sustainability.

Use Environmentally Friendly Practices

Construction companies can also engage in eco-friendly practices that will save them time and money. Construction managers should partner with green contractors and subcontractors to improve their eco-friendly record. One way is to rent out heavy equipment. Renting cranes or rigging services is more convenient and cost-effective than buying your own. You’ll only rent for the job required, and you’ll be using the latest technology for the job. Typically, the latest pieces of equipment will be more energy-efficient and in better condition than an older ones.

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