How to be a Great Wedding Guest

Weddings are so much fun. You get to dance, eat fantastic food, and celebrate a couple in love. However, nothing ruins a wedding like an obnoxious party guest. This guide on how to be a great wedding guest will ensure that you make the most out of the experience. By the end of the night, the couple may even ask you to give a speech.


Planning a wedding is stressful, and people who show up unannounced only add to that stress. Be a fantastic wedding guest and RSVP in a timely fashion. Make sure to let the bride and groom know if you’re bringing a date as well. Little is worse than having to prepare a seat at the table for a date no one knew was coming.

Personalize Your Gift

It’s common for newlyweds to receive multiples of the same item. Don’t be like every other person and give the couple a run-of-the-mill gravy boat. Instead, personalize the gift you give. Give them a his-and-hers flute set or perhaps an ornament so that they can start their own holiday traditions. The bride and groom will appreciate the extra thought you put into their present.

Dress Appropriately

If a wedding guest is dressed inappropriately, it can ruin the entire day. Everyone’s attention is supposed to be on the bride, but no one will give her a second look if someone shows up in ripped jeans and a Hawaiian shirt. Dress appropriately so that no one gets upset. Read the invitation thoroughly when it arrives in the mail; most invitations will tell you if the couple wants you to follow a specific dress code. If no instructions are listed, play it safe and follow the same dress code you would for work.

Have Fun

The most important thing to remember as a wedding guest is to have fun. The couple probably spent thousands of dollars on this event, and they’ve chosen you to be a part of it. Every couple wants all their guests to have a good time, so enjoy yourself by cutting loose on the dance floor and jamming to your favorite throwbacks. The bride and groom will appreciate you letting your hair down for the night.

This guide on how to be a great wedding guest will ensure you have a great time at the next wedding you attend. Don’t let yourself become part of a horror story the bride and groom will be telling people for years to come. Your presence should enhance an already special day, so have a ball—and don’t forget to enjoy a slice of cake.

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