Important Terms to Know When Betting on Basketball

Among the top four most followed sports, basketball tends to be one of the most sought-after games in sports betting. This is due to the fact that it has fewer restrictions than other sports, that are exclusively played in a specific period of time either only indoor or outdoor, giving basketball its edge in sports betting. The constant flow of bets to be placed and money to be made on year-round games is the hook that punters easily get caught by. 


As a person with a newfound interest in basketball betting, one might find that the key factor leading to placing a winning bet is to understand the nuances of the linguistics used by the bookies and the followers of the game generally. This will provide the clarity necessary to easily place the correct bet.

Point spreads

This is by far the  most crucial aspect of basketball betting you should know. As a matter of fact, you’ll come to see that almost all games are integrated with point spreads. This is the case in any sport that is based on a point system. Football, basketball, hockey, rugby, and soccer are all sports that are available to bet on, not through the promise of a win or a loss, but on the difference in points for each team. 


For example the wagers a better can make for a basketball game between teams A and B would be something like this: A +3, A -3, B +3, B -3, which represents the possible game results represented by difference in points between each team, where A +3 is team A winning by 3 points, and so on. This gives gamblers the opportunity to have more than one outcome to bet on, as opposed to betting on just the win or loss of a game. 


While this might seem like a scheme to make more money by the bookies, it is actually a much more efficient way for gamblers to undercut their losses, by placing more than one bet on the same game. Experts at BoydsBets says that bets should be mindfully placed, putting into account the teams and individual players’ stats. Various online platforms provide this data, but you may need to look a little closer if you’re after one with  in-depth knowledge of basketball games played in the college leagues. A good platform ideally will provide free top picks for betters to make big sweeps of. 


This is yet another form of betting that is popular with basketball betting. It is also based on the over/under method of predicting the results of the games. Technically, in this form of gambling, the bookies initially have a set number of the total points of both teams playing. Then the gamblers have to decide whether they think the end game is going to be more or less than the preset number. 

Money line wagers

This one is less popular than the previous two, but it still acts as an extra option for betters. Unlike point spreads, which are based on the points both teams could make or lose, money lines are only based on the winner, but with a catch. To elaborate, let’s examine a common example of a bet in money line to be placed on a game between team A and B: A +120, B -130. In this case, team B is the underdog, least likely to win, and A is the most likely to win. The betters are asked to either risk $130 to gain $100 by betting on team B’s expected win or bet $100 on A and win $120. 


Although this form of betting is based on $100 bets, it is to scale to amounts as low as $5, gaining it the popularity needed to survive in the world of sports betting. The notion that it depends on the odds of the winning team and encourages betting on unexpected results shouldn’t be the cause for disheartenment. This is due to the fact that a better can place a bet on the supposedly losing team, and still make money. Though it might highlight the underdog in the games, it remains one of the most prominent forms of basketball betting out there.




The world of sports betting is becoming ever more accessible to the general public. People, whether sports fans or not, are beginning to realize the fact that there lies an attainable treasure just at the tap of their fingers. One could practically make a living off sports betting if they’re able to sustain a steady flow of data that relates to the games they play on. That being said, sports betting is also one of the most entertaining things to do while learning all the mainstream terms pertaining to it.


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