3 Common Issues in Construction

3 Common Issues in Construction

There are many issues that the construction industry regularly faces. These issues can hinder building projects, inconvenience the public, and even cause worker injuries if not properly addressed on a worksite. Check out this guide to the most common issues in construction.

Lack of personal protection equipment

Even if construction companies provide the correct equipment to their employees to properly protect them from harmful areas of the job site, it doesn’t matter unless employees consistently wear them. Workers should have easy access to hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, filtering face masks, steel-toed shoes, and any other wearable equipment necessary to ensure their full safety during work. Many construction sites lack availability to these items or are not fully enforcing their safety equipment wearing rules. Such oversights can lead to very preventable injures and even death, in certain cases.

Equipment neglect

The heavy machinery needed for construction work is a large investment. These machines are expensive to purchase and require regular upkeep to remain safe and functional. Many times, construction companies put off regular maintenance for their machines to save money and take them in for service only when they are no longer functioning. Equipment failure is somewhat avoidable by caring for it regularly. For example, a skid steer is one of the most common machines used on job sites. There are ways to tell if a skid steer needs service, and by paying attention to the signs, workers can address any issues before the machine fails. Equipment failure is extremely costly and can even endanger the lives of workers if it malfunctions or dies at the wrong time.

Worker shortage

There is a worker shortage in the construction industry that surprises many. Numerous construction companies have trouble finding enough skilled workers and experience high employee turnover rates. Without enough workers, projects could suffer delays, and it can be more dangerous to work on the sites. Adequate staff is necessary to complete projects safely and to monitor safety practices. Recruiting and training more staff is one way to solve this issue. In the long term, providing good salaries and benefits is a way to increase employee retention rates and attract more workers to the trade.

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