The Happenings After the Online NFL Draft 2020


Due to the pandemic, all sporting events were modified. Even the recent NFL draft 2020 was held virtually. Regardless of circumstances, the draft was still a successful event. A mark where we are going to start witnessing our favorite college football players step on the pro world, finally.


Now, as the post-draft season is taking over, we will look at how teams are beginning to shape up after making their selection and what the top picks are currently experiencing. Fans and experts are also on the lookout on which team improved the most. Which team will be striving to make a noise as the NFL 2020? Let’s find out:

Top Draft Handling High Expectation Pressure

No doubt, being famous and on the top makes you vulnerable from all the pressure around you. The NFL draft 2020 top picks Chase Young and Joe Burrows are currently facing this challenge days after the NFL draft event. 


Chase Young drafted second overall, never wasted a day after the selection. He even honestly admitted that he currently faces high expectations. He tries to ignore and just mute everything around him. Young made it to a point to only focus on football, focus on taking care of his body, and on things that truly matter to him. 


As for Burrows, he mentioned that the pressure has always been there, it was present during the National Championship, and there will be more of it when the NFL starts. Burrows spends his NFL post-draft break relaxing at his home, doing workouts, and making sure he is in good shape. The NFL draft 2020 overall top pick is unfazed by the pressure and means to play and contribute his best to his team. 


Post-Draft Power Rankings 

The only question after the NFL draft is which team has the higher possibility to dominate the season? Which team got more power? And the first in rank is no other than the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs ultimately build their roster to support its power player QB Patrick Mahomes. 


They have drafted a running back perfect player in addition to surrounding Mahomes with offensive players. A good strategy for the Chiefs who want to secure probably another Super Bowl. 


The Baltimore Ravens added a notch on their offensive skills by drafting Ohio State RB J.K. Dobbins, who poses another threat on the field. Not to mention how they have prepped their defensive ends by having two veteran Derek Wolfe and Calais Campbell. Also, they closed out their inside linebacker weakness by drafting LSU’s Patrick Queen and Ohio State Malik Harrison during the 2020 draft. 


These two power teams have high chances of having the odds in their favor. Closely monitor how these teams will progress and study how their rank will improve so you can place your bet with FanDuel wisely. There’s a possibility that there will be reigning the rankings. However, it is too early to stick to that as many things are still waiting to happen. 


NFL Teams Most Improved After The Draft

The ultimate goal of every team during the NFL draft is to bag players that will help their team and improve its current player roster. Moreover, it is to solidify a projected game plan and to place key players to make a specific game strategy feasible. 


The Denver Broncos’ speed will significantly improve after adding three speedy offensive players. The Broncos picked Jerry Jeudy on the first round as its wide receiver, who is known to have a 40-yard dash record of 4.45 seconds. The agility from these players are perfect in helping the Broncos’ very own QB Drew Lock. 


Another team that will see some improvements are the Miami Dolphins. Even though the Dolphins have been dropping veterans and signing new players every time, the team wasn’t shy about it as the team rebuilds from the ground-up shows a lot of potential. Added to the roster is the draft first-rounder Tua Tagavailoa. Even with his multiple injuries and recent hip surgery, he will have a significant contribution to developing the Dolphins game style. 


First Pick Team Face Serious Questions 

Most experts predicted that the Cincinnati Bengals would have their claws over Heisman Trophy recipient Joe Burrows. While Burrows officially signed with the Bengals to be their quarterback, there’s a lot of factors that need some consideration. It is shown that Bengals will still be on a tight spot even after signing Burrows on the team and filling all positions via free agency. The primary issue? Bengals defense. 


While it is true that Bengals have talented players, they need to focus on improving their defense and utilize Burrows’ skills to its optimum. If it happens otherwise, Burrows will be carrying a heavy weight on his shoulders, and it is not highly ideal for his first NFL campaign. 



If you think that NFL pre-draft and draft results only matter, think twice. The NFL post-draft offers a lot of new angles to look at before the official NFL season even starts. This is the time where players face the real challenge of being in a pro team and how managers and coaches plan out their strategy to utilize their draft selection. It is both a challenging and exciting moment for the NFL, and fans cannot wait to see how their favorite teams perform and dominate the league. 


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