Health Tips For Surviving The Pandemic



The coronavirus pandemic came out of the blue and has changed the lives of every human on our planet, nobody has been left unaffected. We have been forced into quarantine conditions under lockdown and can only leave the house for essentials. Many of us have become furloughed, or worse, have lost our jobs and this has meant that we are stuck inside with nothing to do. The upshot is that the nature of our lives have changed and we have become a lot more unhealthy due to comfort eating and an increased consumption of alcohol. Gyms are shut and, for a lot of us, that is the only avenue for exercise.

To combat the current situation we are here going to offer some health tips for surviving the pandemic.

Practice Yoga

The pandemic has caused us to reflect and change the way we do things and never more so than when it comes to exercise. Group sports have been curtailed and sports centers and gyms have shut due to fears that the coronavirus might spread in cramped sweaty conditions. So, what options am I left with? Well, yoga is in vogue right now, and with good reason, as it is easy to access from your own home and there are myriad benefits. Yoga can be done with little more than an internet subscription, a mat, and some loose-fitting closing, which means there are virtually no barriers to entry.

What are the benefits of yoga practice? Yoga is incredible for your core fitness, the more you practice the stronger you will become and surprisingly you will also shed a fair amount of sweat. The second main benefit is in your head, as it can really help to sort out any mental health issues due to its calm soothing nature. If you’ve never tried it, grab a yoga mat, and get started today!

Change Your Diet

The quarantine period has left us spending more time at home than ever and due to this we have become a very sedentary population, yet we are still eating the same as before. In fact, our diet, in general, has got a lot worse as we are comfort eating so we are more likely to eat sweet treats and indulge in takeaways. All of this is terrible for our overall health.

There are many simple ways of eating more healthily but they often take a lot of effort, so why not talk to these experts who can advise on simple ways to change your diet that can lead to an uptick in your overall health. You could have a company deliver food to you for a week so that all you have to do is follow recipe cards in order to make a delicious feast, or another option is to have someone plan your meals in advance so that you just need to order what you need. Whichever option you choose you will find that your diet has improved immeasurably, as will your overall health.


Set a Routine

Mental health is something that until recently has been completely overlooked in our lives. It was always seen as a simple excuse for day to day problems and, especially if you are a guy, you would be seen as a bit of a sissy if you complained about it. The opposite couldn’t be more true, and this has come to the fore during the lockdown period. Many people have become depressed having had their day to day rhythm disrupted and the majority of us have lost our jobs or at the very least have a vastly reduced salary, so these pressures will also prey on our minds.

This is why it is extremely important to pay attention to our mental health during the pandemic and one way of doing this is to set a daily routine so that you give yourself something to look forward to. Plan your days in advance and know how you will fill those hours, and finish the day with a treat. This way you will never be thinking about the negative effects of the pandemic, only the reward that you will have at the end of the day.

As we have just learned it is extremely important to be healthy during the pandemic and this comes in many different forms; it is not just related to physical health. Ensure you do daily exercise and a low-cost way of doing this is by taking up yoga, but you could just as easily take up running. Change your diet to reflect your more sedentary lifestyle and do not forget about your mental health, or you will fall into a spiral of darkness. If you follow these tips you will come out of the pandemic better than ever!


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