4 Drafting Tips to Get the Best Lineup in Fantasy Basketball


The fantasy basketball season has arrived, and now it’s time to forget friendships and make some effort to one-up your friends in fantasy basketball. If you haven’t started your draft yet, this article will be a massive help as we will talk about some tips and strategies you can do in drafting to win more games in the league.


If you are done drafting in Fantasy Basketball at Fanduel, there is still some information you might find useful in your basketball endeavors. That said, early drafters often neglect to pick surprise performers because they are a considerable risk. But in reality, they are excellent picks in the first few weeks of the season, especially if your late-round picks are not doing what you expect them to do.


Whether it is your first time participating in a season of the fantasy basketball league, or you’re a well-seasoned veteran, you will find something useful in the next few minutes. That said, here are some strategies you can do to make your lineup rack up more wins as possible this season.


Emphasis on Point Guards

This is sound advice, especially if you’re new to the game and haven’t started drafting players yet. You might think this sounds crazy, but not really if you think about it. There are many point guards to choose from, but veterans commonly pick the most “elite” point guards. 


However, this season is happening in the middle of the pandemic, which means many players will be absent in games from time to time. Thus, the favorites have a chance of not showing up at all due to COVID-19.


That said, carefully picking out your point guard will be a massive factor in the season. If you haven’t acquired a good point guard in the fourth round, you will be left with slim picks. Unless you don’t want to have a strong start in the season, grab an excellent point guard now.

Draft the Best Player

This is obvious, but it plays a massive role in winning your games. The best player is strong in every position, but you have to understand that in every position, there will be a player that will be a beast. Leagues will require you to set up a lineup with the traditional positions. Thus, you have to know which player is best on which position and draft him in.


That said, it certainly pays to do a little bit of research in each position, especially in each position’s supply of players. For example, if there are many good point guards in the season, you might want to get the best player available early on. If you are currently picking out the top guards, you might want to take a mental note on the available players later on in the league.

Go For Multi-Stuffers

In the NBA, versatile players like Lebron James are crucial in their respective teams because they excel in their position. Of course, that goes in fantasy basketball too. However, they might sound good in theory, but in reality, not so much.


If you focus solely on scoring specialists, you will be in for a rough ride. You will be lacking in everything else and will lose more than you ever imagined. That said, you should focus on players that are well-rounded in every aspect of the game and have fair contributions in passes, rebounds, points, steals, and blocks.


You might also want to find players who are surprisingly good at one aspect of the game, contrary to what they’re known for. Take Kevin Love, for example, and his excellent three-point field goal shooting or probably Rajon Rondo’s rebounding skills. Focusing on multi-stuffers will make your team more rounded out and versatile against any team compositions.

Play More

You don’t have to play fantasy basketball every day in every week to be good at the game. However, regularly playing will give you the gist of what you should do during the season.  Also, consistent plays will help you with team management and better decision making.


The NBA season is long, so you have plenty of time to improve your roster and do more research on the current META. Or, you could submerge yourself in the current news and updates during the NBA season and dabble more into player stats (which can be very hard to interpret, by the way). 


Don’t be anxious if your teams start slow. Proactive management will be your key to more wins. In this season, expect to battle and to fight against big names.


These strategies are just the tip of the iceberg. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might want to think more about your picks since there will be a few absences now and then. That said, stick with your roster and make few changes as possible. Moreover, don’t change your roster too much as it will negatively impact your team’s composition.


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