Nine CHS students named to State Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council


The Mississippi Department of Education recently announced the members of the State Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council.



The Council includes students in grades eleven through twelve, or first year of college, to serve as members for a term of two school years.

Of the 163 students selected to serve, nine members attend Clin- ton High School.

Clinton High School students selected are Raela Bridges, Joseph Thaggard, Rayne Lewis, Cameron Lewis, Abhay Cheruku, Amber Amis, Tabitha Hewitt, Natalie Derrick and Christopher Fowler.

MDE states the council’s purpose is to provide a forum for Missis- sippi’s students to offer diverse perspectives to Mississippi’s State Superintendent, Dr. Carey Wright. The selected students will act as liaisons between MDE and public-school students from across the state.

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