President’s List Announced for Fall 2020

The Mississippi College Office of Academic Affairs releases the president’s list after the close of fall and spring semesters each academic year.


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To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must maintain a 4.0 grade point average, based on a 4.0 system. The student must take a full course load of at least 12 semester hours of undergraduate credit with all academic courses impacting their grade point average.

Joel Averitt of Clinton (39056)

Evan Bowen of Clinton (39056)

Joshua Bryan of Clinton (39056)

Rachel Burns of Clinton (39056)

Mallory Burnside of Clinton (39056)

Makayla Cole of Clinton (39056)

Megan Collins of Clinton (39056)

Katie Crawford of Clinton (39056)

Shelby Dean of Clinton (39056)

Kaitlyn Dortch of Clinton (39056)

Kelsey Fortenberry of Clinton (39056)

Aaron Graves of Clinton (39056)

NAZ Khan of Clinton (39056)

Jenna Miller of Clinton (39056)

Allison Milner of Clinton (39056)

Zahria Morgan of Clinton (39056)

Mary Morrison of Clinton (39056)

Tara Neblett of Clinton (39056)

Jamee O’Briant of Clinton (39056)

Kaylee Parks of Clinton (39056)

Mary Pevey of Clinton (39056)

Hannah Plunkett of Clinton (39056)

Emily Rayburn of Clinton (39056)

Khunsa Saleem of Clinton (39056)

Alp Sarigul of Clinton (39056)

Tess Stanford of Clinton (39056)

Nathan Thomas of Clinton (39056)

Cooper Welch of Clinton (39056)

Hannah Welch of Clinton (39056)

Kristina Woodruff of Clinton (39056)

Chin-Jon Yen of Clinton (39056)

Guangyi Zou of Clinton (39056)



Mississippi College, affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention, is a private, co-educational, Christian university of liberal arts and sciences serving more than 5,100 students, from 40 states and more than three dozen countries. Founded in 1826, Mississippi College is the oldest institution of higher learning in Mississippi, the largest private university in the state and America’s second oldest Baptist college. Mississippi College is home to 84 areas of undergraduate study, 16 graduate programs, a doctor of jurisprudence, a doctor of education leadership degree and a doctor of professional counseling degree. Mississippi College seeks to be a university recognized for academic excellence and commitment to the cause of Christ.


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