Life of a college student during a winter storm

By MC Student Clinton Courier Intern Emily-Kate Ford

Like other Clinton residents, students at Mississippi College had to make several adjustments this past week. Due to the winter storm, a variety of changes occurred around campus. Classes were held over zoom, activities were postponed, and cafeteria hours were changed.

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On Saturday, February 13, an email was sent to all MC students, staff, and faculty stating that both the Clinton and Jackson campus would be closed on Monday, February 15, due to severe winter weather. The email also said that classes would continue virtually. Students were prepared to attend classes over zoom, but some professors had to cancel due to connectivity issues. On the other hand, many students stated that their professors canceled class so that they could enjoy the day in the snow; and they did just that.

Students gathered at multiple locations across campus to sled down hills. A few of the locations included the area behind the cafeteria called The Bowl, the disc-golf fields, beside the parking garage, and behind Cockroft Hall. Students used plastic lids, cardboard boxes, plastic signs, and even mattresses to slide down the hills. “Living in the south, we don’t have sleds,” said MC student Drew Peters. “But if I know MC students, I know they’ll make do with what they have and to see them use anything they could find was amazing!” Some even took advantage of the snow and ice to play hockey. Rotaract club member, Cole Chandler, stated how much fun the game was. “After one of the Rotaract guys texted about meeting up to play, we all just showed up,” Chandler said. “We played with our broomsticks, and we used a soda can as a puck.”

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Another way students kept entertained is by hosting game nights. At different times throughout the week, some students gathered in the commons to play card games, board games and spend time together. Many students stated how much they appreciated this time to hang out with friends and enjoy the sweet memories that were being made.

Even with all the fun, students still needed to eat. Since most students stayed on campus instead of going home, the staff at MC worked hard to ensure that enough food was provided. Each day throughout the week, the administration sent out an email listing the hours of operation for the cafeteria. Because many workers and staff could not travel to campus, the hours of operation were cut short. Though that is the case, MC was sure to provide the best service they could. Several student workers stepped up to fill the void of positions they do not typically work. For many of the meals, only one or two stations were opened. Students were allowed to eat inside the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch, but most nights, dinner was served as to-go only.

Though the week started off fun and enjoyable, things began to take a turn by late Tuesday evening. Female students living in East Tower were surprised to find strange pink liquid in their dorm hallway. Though the exact problem has not been reported, it is assumed that a busted pipe caused the substance leakage. The administration sent out an email to students stating, “We have had some weather-related incidents primarily related to leaks in pipes, but MC’s facilities team has been able to address them very quickly.” The severity of the winter weather was a surprise to many, including Pennsylvania native Kyle Erson. “Though I am from Pennsylvania, I have never experienced so much ice in my life!”, Erson said. Now I see why the south shuts down in this kind of weather!
Fortunately, no reports of power outages on the MC campus were made throughout the week, but several limbs had fallen due to the ice.

Our Intern, Emily-Kate Ford

Though the week might not have been what most expected, students at Mississippi College said they enjoyed their time in the snow and the break it gave them. “I might be sore and made a fool of myself more than once by falling, but we laughed so hard and had the best time,” said MC junior Hannah Mullins. “Relaxing in my apartment was nice too; leisurely doing homework, watching tv, and eating anything and everything in our fridge.”

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