Having Problems With The Volume Of Your Phone Calls? Try These Tips

Imagine a situation whereby you are talking hands-free over the phone, and suddenly, your phone’s speaker goes mute. There is nothing more devastating than that.

When this particular issue occurs, don’t panic, there are some of the troubleshooting ideas we will reveal to you to help you through this situation. Follow these simple tips to solve the volume problems on your phone.



1.Enable Your Speakers

If you cannot hear a word of anyone on the other side during a phone call, check your phone’s speakers and check if they are enabled or disabled. The speaker icon is often green or highlighted.
If you check and it is not enabled, please do well by tapping the speaker icon to light up and get enabled. Note that you might still be able to hear through an earphone if the speakers are disabled.

2. Turn Up The Incall Volume

If the speakers are already enabled, the speakers might turn out to be too low. To fix this, simply press the upper side of your volume button on your phone. This button is often seen on the left side of many phones. Press this button to display the volume level indicator.
To increase the volume, you can get a sound amplifier from sereneinnovations.com/products/sound-amplifier or press the volume or slide the volume indicator to the top till you can hear your caller speak. The only way to test and adjust the incall volume is to be in an ongoing call. Make a test call with your voicemail or your other phone to experiment with the incall settings.

3. Adjust The App Sound Setting

Some apps offer you a chance to mute the sound separately from the control of the main volume. If you cannot hear sound from a certain application, try checking out the app’s sound settings. You might have reduced or muted the sound earlier in the app.



4.Adjust The Media Volume

If you still can’t hear your caller, ensure that the media volume is not turned down or muted. Here are some steps: navigate to settings, tap sounds and vibrations, tap volume, move the media slide over to the right to increase the volume.

Alternatively, press the up or down volume button on your device, then click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of your screen to unveil the sound mixer settings.

5.Do Not Disturb May Be Enabled

Ensure that the do not disturb feature is not enabled on your device. If this feature is enabled on your device, it results in no sound. To disable this feature, navigate to Settings, and turn off the do not disturb setting.

6.Unplug Headphones

Most devices automatically disable the external speaker when headphones are plugged in. If you are experiencing no sound during your call, this might be the case if your headphones are not balanced in the audio jack.

7.Remove Your Phones Case



Most phone packs or cases may muffle your device’s sound or lead to total loss of sound. Simply remove your device from its case, then test run the sound again. You will be able to notice immediately when the sound improves.

8.Reboot Your Device

A reboot will help to clear up some software glitches that might have disabled the sound of your device. To do this, simply press and hold your device’s power button until you see a set of options on the screen. Click on the restart and reboot your device.

9.Turn Off Your Device And Turn It Back On

If rebooting your device does not help the matter, your device might be going through some technical issues that require it to be turned off and back on. To do this, simply press and hold the power button, and click on power off. As soon as you power your device back on, try out the sound system again.

10.Remove And Reinsert The battery

Not all devices can do this in clear terms, but if your device has a removable battery, remove and reinsert the battery to completely reset the phone without wiping your device’s data. Kindly consult the cell phone manufacturers’ manual guide or website for more details.

11.Clean Your Speakers

Speakers usually get dirty or clogged, so if they are being cleaned could help restore the sound. Before cleaning the speakers, turn off your device, and remove the battery if your device can. Use a can of compressed air to blow in the air into your speakers. You will be able to see some dirt and debris after blowing it out. You may be able to do this without removing the case of your device.

Consult your phone’s manual guide or a smartphone operator or dealer for clearer assistance with this process. Do not attempt to clean your speakers if you have little or no knowledge about smartphones or if your device is under warranty.

After you must have done one of these tips listed above, your volume should be back on in no time. If an external audio device like a headphone worked, it means that there might be something wrong with the physical hardware of your device, and it needs to be repaired by a smartphone dealer.


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