Building An Outdoor Sporting Area: The Essentials You’ll Need

Constructing an outdoor sporting general area or arena is no easy task. You will have to undertake a lot of careful planning and seek approvals to get started. Here are the things you need to be able to provide as soon as possible.

Specific Sporting Basics

Depending on the nature of the outdoor sporting area, you will need to provide some basic sporting starting points.

For example, if you’re building a baseball arena, you’ll need to have the stops put in place, as well as the fence behind to stop loose balls. You basically have to create the skeleton of the area, so people can easily recognize where they are.

The same can be said for basketball courts too, there’s lots of different ways to design an effective court, but you’ll mainly need the floor made out of asphalt, and have hoops.

Bleachers And Benches

No outdoor sporting area would be complete without any benches or viewing bleachers. You can go into any park in America that has a baseball field and you’ll see a row of bleachers by the side, allowing friends, family and park goers the chance to watch.

There are a range of bleachers available to choose from, consisting of different sizes and materials depending on the function you need. 

Consider purchasing from GT Grandstands, they have a range of aluminum bleachers, and lead the industry in design, allowing them to build innovative bleachers. They are quite experienced, with over 15 years nationwide service.

You can purchase bleachers from 3 rows, allowing crowds of up to 66 people, all the way to 15 row bleachers, who have space for larger crowds, up to hundreds.

Of course, away from the spectacle-based purpose of bleachers, you can also use them for teams and substitutes. Team members and coaches that aren’t on the field will need somewhere comfortable to wait, and bleachers offer the best economic choice.

If you want to change it up, or use something smaller, you can use benches too. Simple benches offer the same useful purposes of bleachers, usually at a fraction of the price and space.


Whether or not the land you’re working on is private or public, you’ll still have to ensure it is properly maintained, to help meet criteria for safety and health regulations. When building, you’ll also have to meet certain environmental regulations, you can’t simply bulldoze trees and flowers completely. 

There are a number of different maintenance services you’ll need to work on, consider using a third party to take care of this for you.

With the green space that remains, you’ll have to care for it on a regular basis, and ensure the sport area itself is up to scratch. You’ll find your sport area is quickly closed down if you allow it to fall into disrepair.

It’s possible that your courts could get ruined without sufficient draining systems too. Not only does it render them unplayable during bad weather, but also can put it out of business. This is especially true if you have artificial pitches.

There are a number of people you could look to hire for these roles, from general maintenance, to janitors, landscape professionals and specialized maintenance technicians. 

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