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A Handy Checklist For Moving Home

In terms of life events, it’s widely accepted that moving home can be one of the most tumultuous and disruptive. While the prospect of moving to a new house can be exciting, it’s also nonetheless very stressful packing up an entire lifetime’s belongings ready for shipping out. 



Thankfully, you can do a few common-sense things to make the process of moving considerably easier and less of a taxing experience. Below are some simple tasks and preparative actions you can take that will make the act of moving a little easier.  


Choose the date you’re going to move


Clearly, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is exactly when you’re going to move. You should also try to avoid busier times to avoid excess traffic and other stresses. As a rule, don’t think about moving on Fridays, public holidays, or at the end of the school/college term.


One month before the removal date


As with most things in life, good preparation is the key to making a move as easy as possible. One month before moving, you should think about the following:


Select a removal company: Ideally, you should try to get three quotes from removal companies then evaluate them against the cost of hiring a van and moving your belongings yourself. Remember to consider companies that offer specialist services, too, such as motorcycle shipping, that might end up cheaper than just using one firm for everything. You should also check exactly what’s included in the prices you’re supplied, for example, are insurance and packing materials part of the total cost.


Utilities and associated suppliers: List down the utility companies you’ll need to contact to inform them of your intention to move, such as electricity, gas, etc. 


Packing: Packing takes time, so be sure to start early and sort items into different piles comprising of goods you’ll give to charity, items you’re throwing away, and items you want to keep. You should also clearly mark boxes and take an inventory of your belongings in case of anything going wrong during shipping. Remember to try and pack those items you don’t often use first and leave everyday goods like kitchen utensils and plates until last. 


Make alternative arrangements for your mail: No matter how comprehensive you are in terms of informing friends and companies about your move, you can be pretty sure you’ll still get mail arriving at your soon-to-be previous address, so you should set up a redirect service with your mail company.


Seven days before moving


As the clock counts down, there are some important tasks to remember, including:


Cancel any regular subscriptions: Remember to cancel regular deliveries like milk and newspapers.


Arrange for final readings: You don’t want to end up getting lumbered with bills from your old home once you’ve moved, so be sure to arrange for final readings of gas, electricity, and water. 


Get final bills: You’ll need to inform your phone supplier and get the final phone and broadband bills.

Try to plan where your furniture is going to go: Ideally, you should try to have a clear idea of where the furniture is going to go in your new home to save you having to shift items around after moving.


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