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Low-carb Drinks That You Can Enjoy Without Ruining Your Diet

Taking a step to maintain a healthy diet and lose weight is always challenging, especially when adapting to new foods. It is also about foods and finding drinks that are low on calories, carbohydrates, and no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. There are several low-carb drinks in the market that you can enjoy without ruining your diet. They include:



1. Coffee or Tea

A ketogenic drink refers to a drink that is low on carbohydrates and high in protein levels. Experts highly recommended it for people intending to lose weight. Keto Coffee and tea serve well as drinks one can enjoy while maintaining a healthy diet. They both are sugar-free and low on carbohydrates and calories.

Also, you can add green tea to this category as it helps reduce appetite and support body metabolism, which in turn promotes a healthy diet. So if you are stuck on what drink to enjoy while maintaining a healthy diet, you might consider trying keto coffee or tea.

2. Smoothies

There are several smoothies you can enjoy and not ruin your diet. You can easily make most of them at home, making them even more convenient. Lemon cucumber green smoothie, avocado breakfast smoothie, pumpkin spice smoothie, and coconut mint smoothie are examples of smoothies for a keto diet that one can easily make at home. As seen above, they make smoothies low on carbohydrates that you can enjoy while following the set diet.

3. Milk From Plants

Plants like nuts, almonds, coconut, macadamia, and cashew contain lower carbohydrates than milk from animals which is usually high in carbohydrates and natural sugars, making it unfit for your diet. Plant-based milk is usually unsweetened with no added sugars; hence it is low on calories. Additionally, it is rich in other nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and lastly, Vitamin E. Therefore, as much as you are avoiding carbohydrates intake, you still get to enjoy other nutrients by having a balanced diet.

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4. Sports Drinks

They make many sports drinks with high amounts of sugar for energy which might not help maintain your healthy diet. However, you can find some which are low on carbohydrates and calories. To supplement the soft drinks made with sweetened sugars, try those flavored with stevia as it is lower in calories.

5. Water and Sparkling Water

Water is the best option for drinks that will not ruin your diet. It is the best because it is the natural source of hydration. Water contains zero calories and carbohydrates and helps in body metabolism.

Sparkling water is flavored chiefly, but it is usually unsweetened hence low on calories and carbohydrates. This makes it a splendid choice of drinks to take when minding your diet.

6. Fruit and Vegetable Juices

You can make homemade juices with less sugar than manufactured juices which are very sugary, making them inappropriate in maintaining a keto diet. A great example is lemon or lime juices, which are low on sugars and calories. They also have an added advantage in adding them to other drinks such as coffee or tea to enhance the flavors.

Vegetable juices are also an alternative for drinks that will not ruin your diet. Cucumber, green vegetables such as spinach and kales, and celery are some examples of vegetables that can make healthy vegetable juices. They are all low on natural sugars, carbohydrates, and calories, making them a perfect choice for you.

7. Alcoholic Beverages

Although alcohol is high on carbohydrates, hard liquor such as Whiskey, Vodka, rum, and tequila are natural carbohydrates free. You can therefore enjoy a drink of hard alcohol or a cocktail without ruining your diet. However, check on the label for added sugars or drink hard liquor straight with no other added drinks.

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8. Soft Drinks



Many soft drinks are very sugary and have artificial sweeteners added to them. Diet Pepsi and Coke are examples of soft drinks that might not be the best choice even though they are sugar-free as they contain artificial flavors. This does not mean you cannot enjoy soft drinks while maintaining a keto diet, as keto-friendly soft drinks are available.

Alternatives like Zevia exist as they are sugar-free, or you can look for a soft drink sweetened with stevia rather than other sweeteners.


Even when maintaining a healthy diet, it does not mean you are signing up for suffering. There is still room for wholesome fun and pleasure. There are plenty of low carbohydrates drinks to enjoy, ranging from juices, beverages, alcoholic drinks, smoothies, water, milk alternatives, and soft drinks. Additionally, to avoid ruining your diet, avoid regular milk, sugars, and honey as they will add on carbohydrates.

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