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CPD SWAT getting new equipment following Board approvals

By Katherine R. Dougan

The Clinton Police Department (CPD) received a $5,340 grant grant from The NRA Foundation to purchase equipment that assists in fighting crime in the city, CPD Chief Ford Hayman told the Board of Alderment at their August 3 meeting.

For the third year in a row, The NRA Foundation provided grant funds to the CPD to purchase equipment for the SWAT team. The award of $5,340 allows the department to purchase seven Peltor Comtac tactical communications headsets for SWAT operators to use, Hayman explained. The headsets not only greatly improve the communication ability of the user in various environments, but also offer quality hearing protection.

“Last year, we accepted the same grant and were able to purchase five tactical headsets. This is a really nice donation and gives us almost full capacity of where we need to be,” Hayman said. To be fully supplied with headsets, the department needs fifteen. Due to grants from the NRA Foundation, now the SWAT team has twelve of the fifteen total headsets needed.

In addition to equipment that improves communication for the SWAT team members, the Board approved the purchase of a second fixed site for 911 communications in the city. The site, which will be purchased from the Department of Public Safety 911 Wireless Commission for $25,495, enhances the City’s emergency communications by allowing the City to access wireless communications in order to more quickly locate the 911 caller.


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A donation from Greg Mason of Down Range Tactical in Clinton gives CPD SWAT team members a boost for emergency medical services before the medical teams arrive to an accident site.

“Greg has been very, very supportive of the Clinton Police Department,” Hayman said. Mason purchased and donated fifteen single-person IFAK Medical Kits at $150 each (total of $2,250) that the team can use at the scene.

“The SWAT operators will affix the kits to the back of their TAC vests,” Hayman explained, holding up the kit and demonstrating how easily the Velcro attaching the kit to the TAC vests can be pulled to release the emergency first-aid kit. The kits allow a team member to immediately administer first air before the emergency or fire department arrives.

“We’re very appreciative of this support.”

The Board also approved the purchase of a 300-pound ice machine for the EOD Bomb Team. The cost, including installation, is $5,500, with Clinton Refrigeration offering the lowest and best bid. This purchase replaces an ice machine that hasn’t worked for several years, Hayman explained.

The Board unanimously approved all items proposed for acceptance by Chief Hayman, which included the grant, equipment donation and purchases requested by the CPD.

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  1. thomas on June 7, 2022 at 12:29 pm

    US intelligence has irrefutably proven that the NRA is a Russian asset in the service of sowing radicalization and political discord. Any American that has dealings with them is—at best—irresponsible and careless. And what terms do you think are the worst way to truthfully characterize them?

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