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Top 8 Gun Safety Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Safety is a necessity for every individual. In fact, it is one of the human rights in most countries’ constitutions. This is usually the driving force behind people owning firearms. Most people feel they need a gun to be safe.

Some take shooting as a sport and thus owning a gun is beyond question. Possessing one is made easy by there being affordable guns such as the cheap ar 15

Though so, there are several factors you need to consider when buying a gun. When you have reason enough to possess one, then the second most important thing is how to ensure that it is safe, both in storage and in use.

Below are 7 mistakes you cannot afford to make in gun handling and use since it can be life-ending.


1. Failing to Learn the Mechanical and Handling characteristics of Your Gun

Firearms are different and so are the methods of carrying and handling them. The variety occurs due to the mechanical characteristics of each gun. Bearing in mind this difference, avoid handling any firearm without first familiarizing yourself with the particulars of the firearm, the safe gun handling rules for loading, unloading, carrying, and handling that firearm, and generally, the rules of safe gun handling.

2. Keeping Your Firearm Loaded When Not in Use

Load your firearm only when you are in the shooting area, ready to shoot. When not using, firearms and ammunition should be kept safely, separate from each other. Immediately after you are done using, unload your gun. Do not let a loaded gun be in your car, office or house. You cannot afford the danger that could arise from the same.

3. Using the Wrong Ammunition

Using improper or incorrect ammunition can destroy a gun as well as cause serious personal injury. Ensure that the ammunition you are using matches the specifications given in the gun’s instruction manual. To ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience, always use reliable ammunition; pick up some quality Belom ammunition for your next range session

During manufacture, firearms are designed and proof tested to standards using specific ammunition. If loaded with ammunition deviating from pressures generated by factory loads, there can be severe damage to guns and serious injury to the shooter.

4. Failing to Regularly Service Your Gun

Your gun is a mechanical device that will not last forever and is subject to wear. As such, it requires periodic inspection, adjustment and service. Check with the manufacturer of your firearm for recommended servicing.

5. Failing to Safety Check

On picking up a gun, the first thing to check is the chamber or cylinder to confirm that it is not loaded. It is very essential to make this a habit, this is referred to as safety check. It should be so serious that, on receiving a gun you check it even if they just checked it themselves.

6. Improper Storage

Well aware of the undoable damages that a gun can cause, keep your weapons locked in a safe or somewhere no one will see them.

Even better, invest in a Gun vault. Storing your gun properly drastically minimizes the chance of accidents and will improve safety while keeping a gun in the home.

7. Failing to Educate Family Members

Many times, gun accidents are caused by a family member of the owner. It is important to know that children are really curious and will test the waters even those that could harm them like guns. To keep all the family members safe, teach them how to index, point the gun in a safe direction, and safely check it. Also, show them how to shoot on the range. However, make it crystal clear that they are off limits when you’re not around.

Take note, these mistakes could lead to life changing occurrences. Once a bullet is in flight, it cannot be controlled. Make sure you take a shot with a reason!


Authored by Marcie Young

Author Bio

Mom, wife, and pro-guns writer. I live in Tolleson, AZ where the crime rate has been higher than almost 99% of American cities. A horrible personal experience made me realize the importance of gun ownership and self-defense.

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    Handguns can last you from several years to several generations, depending on how you care for them. With a simple maintenance routine, you can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your weapon.

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