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Why do Players Prefer Live Dealer Games?

Live games with a dealer have become very popular in recent years. The whole community of players prefers this direction to online slots. Let’s figure out why. 

A real croupier, or a live dealer, adds realism to the game, as he or she can enter into a dialogue with the player at any time. An attractive host trained in croupier skills spins the roulette, deals cards and speaks to players. Many people say that pldiceaying with a live dealer is more interesting. 

Live casino: advantages 

The advantages of live casino games are obvious, the main ones are considered to be: 

  • Due to the fact that a live person rotates the roulette wheel. This means that the case, not the RNG, determines the result. 
  • A real professional works with the player. Besides, you do not see other casino visitors, sometimes unpleasant or annoying. 
  • A real table, a real background of an elite casino and sounds create the effect of presence. 
  • Auxiliary elements are made with high quality, the best developers of computer graphics. 
  • Ability to use your own strategy, as well as its improvement. 

Online casino Shangri La presents the games of the most famous Live casino providers. That is why every guest always finds a great game.

Why is the definition of “live” or “Live” casino used? How is the communication with the croupier in real time? 

Because you are playing with a real person! The croupier is in a studio with several webcams, so you can watch all their activities. 

You can write any questions in the game chat, and the host will definitely answer. 

Games that are available at live online casinos today 

Today you can play the same games as in land-based gambling halls. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, several varieties of poker are designed specifically for online casinos. 

A real croupier is a guarantee of a “live result”. Each player not only watches the dealer’s game but can also record it and watch it in replay! Thanks to Shangri La, you can run a live casino online in Canada, India and ten other countries.

Features of Live Blackjack 

Like in a land-based casino, a deck of cards is the job of a live dealer. To make the game really exciting, the developers of virtual blackjack have improved it a bit. A separate camera captures the dealer’s hands. The player can see all the details of what is happening on the table. 

Features of live baccarat 

Before the appearance of the live version of this game, online baccarat was not such a popular game. After all, the main pleasure is communication at the card table during the game. Now virtual baccarat with a live dealer is gaining momentum in popularity! 

Features of live poker 

Licensed online casino sites such as Shangri La offer several versions of poker. Caribbean stud, casino hold’em and three-card poker are popular today. 

A croupier introduces the player to the rules in detail and lays out the cards. And the shuffle machine shuffles the deck. The whole process of the game is absolutely controllable and very enjoyable! 

Wheel of Fortune with a dealer 

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular live games. The bright wheel was specially created for online broadcasts, which are watched by thousands of players at the same time. The croupier spins the wheel, accepts bets, announces the winnings and, of course, chats with visitors. No random number generator, only Fortune!

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