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5 Common Accidents in Mississippi and How to Avoid Them

Accidents may be extremely common around the house in Mississippi, but it’s possible to avoid them if you take measures to do so. It helps if you know what the most common accidents are. Here are the top five most common accidents and how you can avoid them.

1. Slips and Falls

Slips and falls have to be by far the most common accidents that you can get into while around the house. This is because there are many things that could lead to a slip and fall accident, from toys lying around the house to spilled liquids on the floor. These can be serious, with slips and trips causing 15% of all accidental deaths and the majority of general accidents in industries. To minimize the risk of slips and falls, always try to keep things off the floor. As soon as a spill occurs, mop it up and make sure there’s no slickness left on the floor. Keep area rugs straightened out so that they don’t trip someone with one of their edges.

2. Choking

Choking is another accident that may be very common in your Mississippi home. This is true for everyone, but especially young children, who have the habit of picking things up and putting them in their mouths. To avoid the hazards of accidental choking, keep all small items that a child may be tempted to eat well out of their reach. Make sure that they don’t wander into an area that has choking hazards, such as an arts and crafts room, unsupervised.

3. Car Accidents

Car accidents are other accidents that you must be wary of if you live in Mississippi. With around 6 million auto accidents happening in the United States each year, it’s important to minimize the risks you and your family face while you’re driving to or from somewhere. Apart from injuring yourself and your passengers, you also risk damaging the car if you get into an accident, something that will cost you a tidy sum. The four main causes of auto body damage are weather, high-speed collisions, fender-benders, and negligence. All of these can leave you with auto repair expenses or worse.

4. Electrocution

The dangers of electricity are some of the worst, so it’s important to do your best to lower the risk of an electrical accident in your Mississippi home. This includes getting dummy plugs for your home if you have young children so that they can deter them from trying to insert objects into outlets. Also, fix any troublesome outlets and such so that there’s a minimized risk of an electrical fire breaking out. Always enlist the help of a professional to get your wiring and electrical outputs in good shape because dealing with electricity is a sensitive matter that may leave you in a lot of danger.

5. Cuts

Finally, cuts may lead to bleeding and call for stitches in order to treat them. They may be caused by anything that has a sharp edge like a knife, broken glass, jagged metal containers, and more. As such, make sure to store these materials well out of the reach of children in the house. This should be somewhere they can’t reach even with a little creativity. As for broken and sharp materials that you don’t have use for, make sure to dispose of them properly. Wrap them in cloth or paper before placing them inside a garbage bag as they risk cutting the bag and falling out. For injuries that occur in your home, there’s no compensation that you could receive, but if it’s someone else’s home, then you could make a claim to help you with treatment. Note that 90% to 95% of personal injury cases, according to the United States Department of Justice, are settled before they make it to trial.

Take note of these five common accidents that may occur in Mississippi. Get the chance to avoid them by taking the suggested precautions as well and you may improve the safety around your home.

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