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Our Olde House – October 2023


The new kitchen is progressing nicely. At the end of September, we got new wiring, rearranged plumbing and real insulation in the kitchen walls, with an OK from the City inspector for all of that work. The first two weeks in October we installed beaded pine ceilings in the kitchen and sunroom, and plywood on the interior walls, and new upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen. We also need counter tops and flooring, and probably some paint here and there, but now the kitchen looks better each day which is very encouraging.


We recently completed what I consider to be the third major milestone in our tree oops. The first one was when we got all of the tree branches and debris removed from inside the house. The second one was getting shingles on the new roof, so it no longer rained into the house; this coincidentally coincided with the day in July that was the last time it rained here. And the third one was the completion of the removal and repair of the parts of the kitchen that were damaged by the tree and subsequent flooding. I think completion of the kitchen is the next and last milestone.


Miss Sherry decided to have the remaining windows in the kitchen replaced with new ones that actually open and have screens so we can leave them open. We added some more plugs installed for convenience above the counter, and had wiring and a switch installed for under counter lighting. We had the electrical and plumbing for the dishwasher relocated so the dishwasher will be installed next to the sink, and the sink now will have a garbage disposal.


We got our wrought iron fence installed on the side of the house behind our carport and porta-cache’. It replaced a wooden fence that was due for replacement, and Miss Sherry decided she wanted a wrought iron fence instead. I poo-pooed it at first thinking it was too expensive, but she was right; the fence is really nice looking, has a double gate in it and will last longer than me. I was wrong, and I told her so; it was a good idea to get the wrought iron fence and worth every penny.


The bathroom sink that was running slow, and was fixed, decided to start running slow again, so we had it fixed again. No need to tisk about it or try to explain it, that would only cause more anxiety and confusion.  I had another rat under the house for a few days, but he stopped coming without my assistance. I still do not understand how a rat can wander around our backyard without being spotted by one of several cats, possums and raccoons that frequent the area; maybe this rat was removed by the local wildlife.


The sidewalk in front of our house settled significantly during the past two months, I am guessing from the drought. After calling the City several times to have them inspect it and fix it, they showed up to remove and replace the sidewalk; this of course occurred while we also had a crew working on the kitchen. Everything happens at the same time. The City did an excellent job on the sidewalk, one day to remove it and the next day they poured the new one; they even put sod down where the construction destroyed the grass.


We are waiting for another break in the chaos to have our black walnut tree removed and sod installed in the front yard where the azalea hedge once stood. The black walnut tree unfortunately needs to go before it falls down; it is dropping branches more frequently and when the oak tree fell it knocked off all of its branches that were over the deck.


I retired from my day job at the end of June, two weeks after the tree fell on our kitchen. So far it has not been relaxing or boring; it has been filled with blessings and much to be grateful for. Some new retirees think they should move for better weather or lower cost of living or just because they want to. We have had that urge a few times during the past few years, but we could never find a place we would rather live. With all that has happened this year, and all of the progress we have made restoring Our Olde House, we no longer feel the urge to move. We do feel that we have been given a Fresh Start, and we intend to enjoy it to the fullest.

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