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Clinton Study Club holds December meeting

Special to The Clinton Courier

Pictured (l to r) are Judy Gearhart, Barbara Barnett and Rowland Roberts.

Pictured (l to r) are Judy Gearhart, Barbara Barnett and Rowland Roberts.

The home of Judy Gearhart was the setting of the December meeting of the Clinton Study Club. Rowland Roberts assisted as they served holiday fare.

In the absence of President Emily Fokeladeh, Vice President Doreen Moore presided. After club business was attended to, Program Chairman Christina Burns introduced long-time member Barbara Barnett, who was the program presenter.

Continuing the theme “We Have Overcome: Stories of Courage and Strength in the Face of Adversity,” Barnett addressed living with and caring for one with dementia. Before introducing a panel, who would join with her in sharing personal experiences, she talked about warning signs to be aware of as loved ones age. Then she listed signs of “what is not Alzheimer’s disease.” She stated these may come naturally with aging. Among those signs were forgetting names, reasons for entering a room, or locations of items like glasses.

Joining Barnett on the panel were Judi Reynolds, Mary Simpson and Rosemary Aultman. Three are wives of husbands living with Alzheimer’s. Simpson’s husband is deceased. Each of the four panelists told of early changes that made them wonder if there was a problem, and how those problems led them to seek help and receive a diagnosis. The long-term nature of Alzheimer’s was discussed. The challenge of obtaining care led to talk about long-term care insurance.

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