Town Spring Park is taking shape in Olde Towne Clinton


By Janet S. Lee

The city’s newest green space, Town Spring Park, is coming to life in Olde Towne Clinton. It is being built around an historic spring that served as the focal point of life in the early days of Clinton’s development.

Approved by the Board of Aldermen in June at a contract price of $130,000, the ¾ acre site was designed by local landscape architect Jared Acy of WAS Design and is being brought to life by the Schoggen brothers of the Clinton family business Schoggenscapes.

The feature is being called an “interpretative park” by its designer, with the idea that it will be a quiet respite within the Olde Towne area for walkers, joggers, or those just strolling through the city’s historic district.

Unlike recreational parks that feature play equipment or playing fields, this tiny gem at the intersection of Capitol and Belmont Streets will be an area of natural beauty with masonry seats and a vintage water feature, calling to mind the earliest days when the spring served townspeople as a vital source of water.

According to Phil Schoggen, vice president of Schoggenscapes, at the end of last year, the dirt work was complete, arbors were in place, and the brick work was nearly complete.

“The weather put us back some on our completion date,” he said, “but we’re on schedule now.” Brick pavers were to be laid at the first of December, with anticipated completion of the entire project by the end of last month.

Once the hardscape features are all in place, perennial plantings will be put down, including a screen of shrubbery to enclose the seating areas and define the park’s perimeters.

An historic marker will educate those who visit Town Spring Park about the site and the spring’s importance in the life of Clinton in the 1800s. The vintage water feature will call to mind a horse trough, emphasizing that the naturally occurring spring was vital for man and beast.

Schoggen says good weather in mid-late November aided in the progress of construction and plantings.

“We want to get this project done for the City, knowing it will be a longevity asset for the town. It will be a nook, a getaway where people can sit and relax.”

When the walks, seats, water feature and plantings are all complete, signage will be installed at Belmont Street to direct pedestrians how to access the site.

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