Why You Should Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home


In suburban real estate markets, such as here in Clinton, buyers and brokers only have time for a quick look at prospective properties. Therefore, most of the negotiations happen right there and then, by the curb. What the property looks like from the outside is going to determine how neighbors and outsiders think of you as a homeowner.

That may seem rather obvious, but if you consider the fact that most homeowners spend more than 90% of their time either indoors or at the office, it becomes a revelation. Most property owners do not think much about their home’s curb appeal, simply because they don’t see it as much as the people outside do. You may fixate on your carpet or your wallpaper because you see it every day, but you might not notice that your gate is already rusting, or your plants have become overgrown until you go out into the streets and take a hard look.

Homeowners want to live in neighborhoods where everybody knows how to keep their yards tidy. Upping your curb game also sends a message to your neighbors that you value their impression of you. A clean and desirable property is something that they will appreciate. In an article on Home Tips, they suggest it makes people think, “Wow, I could live there.”

In addition, enhancing your home’s curb appeal expresses your family’s identity and sets you apart from others. A house doesn’t have to be drab or boring. When the family’s personality shines through the home’s exteriors, it immediately opens up the house to visitors in a welcoming manner.

Another reason to improve your home’s curb appeal is that it increases your home’s resale value. In a previous Clinton Courier article, we discussed that bad presentation is one of the reasons why a home might not be selling. It involves knowing how to present the property in the most pleasing way possible, and your chance to create a good impression is through the property’s curb appeal. You also need to consider that the prospective buyer will not be the only one to assess the house. A lot of buyers get assistance from a buyer’s broker because they make the process easier. In an article by Yoreevo, it states that a buyer’s broker helps in all aspects of the property purchase including listing viewings, conducting market research, and the negotiation itself. To get bargaining power with brokers or buyers themselves, you need to use the property and its best points in negotiating. Most brokers have seen all kinds of houses, and they can already estimate in one sweeping look how much a property is worth. Simply put, you increase your chances of selling the house if it passes the eye test.

If a visitor or a potential buyer looks at your property, they should be able to imagine fun home gatherings and weekend barbecues. But if all they can think about is the effort and repairs they need to do to fix the lawn or clean the garage, then you’re just doing the house a disservice.

These are why you should never hesitate to spruce up your home’s curb appeal and make it a little more presentable from the street’s perspective. It’s not just about first impressions. It’s about making the most out of your property and sharing this enthusiasm with your neighbors, visitors, or potential buyers.

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