6 Effective Herbal Remedies for Dogs



Dogs have been our best friends ever since we first domesticated them thousands of years ago for hunting purposes. We may not use them for hunting like we used to, but they are still our favorite companions; by our side at all times, they have even become an extension of ourselves. As a result of this, their health is extremely important to us, especially their mental health, as anxiety can manifest itself in many ways when we are not around. In this day and age, we try and treat ourselves with herbal remedies, and this should be no different with dogs as natural products are much healthier than synthetic ones. Here we are going to take a look at the six most effective herbal remedies for your dog.


The soothing properties of chamomile have been around for centuries, after all, there is a reason why your grandmother would always suggest a chamomile tea before going to bed. The main property it has is that it is a sedative and helps us sleep. So, much the same way that it works in humans, it can be given to your dog to calm it down and make it less anxious. If your hound suffers from separation anxiety, then it is a great supplement as it will help them to sleep when you are not around, thus reducing the chance of it behaving in an unruly way.


CBD oil is the new kid on the block. Studies have shown that it has incredible medical benefits for humans over recent years, and these have now been extended to your favorite canine friend. What CBD does is help to release serotonin in the body, which is a known mood stabilizer, so it will help with anxiety. CBD is one of those natural remedies that can also help with pain management and can provide anti-cancer properties, so if you have an anxious dog, give it a go and watch their behavior improve in no time at all.

At John’s Wort

Human beings use St John’s Wort to reduce stress, and there are now supplements available for dogs. This unassuming yellow flower grows all over the globe and has been known to have medicinal properties for many years. It can be drunk as a tea or ground down and taken in supplement form and is perfect if your dog suffers from stress, whether due to separation anxiety, or anxiety over loud noises such as fireworks. It is also known as an antidepressant, so your dog’s mood will lighten in general, making it even more friendly and adorable. Having read this, I may even take it myself!

Flower Essence

Many years ago, a botanist called Bach discovered that if you distill the essence from certain flowers and combine them, then the resulting oil has properties that help to restore emotional balance. You may now be thinking about how this will help your dog? It will help calm them down in stressful situations and relieve anxiety when they are left alone. The main flowers used are Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Clematis, Impatiens, and Cherry plum, so it is not easy to make yourself, but you will find plenty available on the market to help improve your dog’s mood.



Essential Oils

Humans have used essential oils such as lavender since time immemorial to combat anxiety. We often put a few drops of lavender oil on our pillow before we go to bed in order to help us sleep peacefully and wake up in a great frame of mind. Many other oils such as frankincense or violet leaf are equally as beneficial, so try them on your dog and see the quick improvement to their mood. There are special preparations available specifically for canine’s so give them a go today!


Valerian is a gentle sedative that promotes relaxation, whenever your dog is hyperactive, it is a great way to calm them down. There are no known side effects, so it is perfectly safe for them. It can be added to your dog’s meal before you head out, and when you return you, the pooch will be wonderfully calm, instead of sitting and grinning in a pile of foam ripped from your sofa. 


Herbal remedies are a great way of relieving stress and anxiety in your dog as they are perfectly natural and have no known side effects. CBD has risen to prominence recently as there have been a vast number of studies done on it, however, as listed above, you have many other natural remedies at your fingertips. In general, whatever works for a human will work for your dog, so don’t delay and put them at ease today!


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