The Perfect Meal and Wine Pairings For a Lovely Dinner at Home  

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When it comes to enjoying a lovely dinner night or celebrating a special occasion, finding the proper wine selection for your meals is the key to making it an enjoyable experience. When paired together, these two essential ingredients will blend and complement each other perfectly. Wine enhances the flavor of your food, and at the same time, the right meal makes wines taste better. 


If you are planning to make your next dinner extra special, make sure that you pay proper attention to the type of wine and meals you are going to pair off together. When done correctly, you may be surprised at how much of a difference a good pairing can make.


Hence, here are some food and wine pairings that you should pair for your next get-together dinner at home.


The Basics

Before getting to the specifics of food and wine pairings, it’s best to learn the general rule regarding these pairings. It is reasonably easy to remember that even new wine drinkers can take note of it. 


Generally, wines typically used to pair with a meal are white and red selections. White wines were fermented from white grapes with skins separated from the juice. On the other hand, red wines are made with darker variations of grapes, giving its red color, with the skins remaining throughout the fermentation process. 


In food pairings, white wines are best paired with lighter meals such as seafood, while its red-wine counterpart works best with steaks, beef, and barbecued meats. With this in mind, look at some meals we have gathered and its wine selections.

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Seafood Pairings

Should you decide to go with seafood for your dinner plans, specifically oysters and shrimps, pair it with white wine. In the fine dining community, it is well known that white wine works its magic best on shellfish. 


Many experts recommended trying out a California sparkling wine selection or Riesling white wine for raw oysters, while Sauvignon Blanch for shrimps and fish meat. However, if you’re planning to serve lobsters for dinner, it is best to pair it with a Chardonnay white wine selection as lobster dishes are tricky to pair with. 


Chicken Dishes

A massive, savory chicken dish makes a satisfying meal. Hence, if you want to improve your chicken dish, try out the infamous Pinot Noir selections, especially those with oak flavors. 


On the other hand, a fancy Italian- marinated chicken in creamy mushroom can be paired with a fresh bottle of a Domaine Carneros Brut Rose Sparkling Wine or an Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio 2007.


Generally, most chicken dishes pair best with fruit-based red wines. 


Beef Dishes 

Nothing says unique like an occasional prime beef dish and steaks. The safest wine pairs for heavy meat dishes are Pinot Noir selections. However, for steaks that are a bit fatty, aged Cabernet would be the perfect fit. If you are going for Slow-Roasted Beef Tenderloins, try out PlumpJack 2007 or a Spicy Syrah. 



Pork Pairings

Roasted, steamed, or even grilled- pork dishes are always best when paired with red wines. However, depending on how it is served, there are specific red wine selections that complement the overall dining experience with pork dishes.


For example, roasted Italian-style pork dish with lemon and garlic undertones would taste well in a Chianti Classico selection of Pinot Noir. This kind of wine is a common choice for many pork lovers. If you are looking for wines with versatility and works well with different pork recipes, try out the Cote Rotie wines. The Cote Rote selections are popular due to this reason.


Although pork dishes complement well with red wines, you can try to experiment and pair white wines for a new and exciting experience. One of the best white wine pairs for meat dishes is a Dry German Riesling wine, which goes well with a slice of roasted pork belly. The Old vine Chenin Blanc is also a wonderful alternative. 


However, a dish with accompanying vegetables, such as tomato-based dishes, won’t precisely complement the full flavor of your roast pork and wine.



Wine and cheese pairings are considered one of the world’s culinary pleasures. Not many know, but both red and white wines work well with cheese. However, not every wine will go well with every cheese. Some wines work wonders with certain cheese varieties, accentuating the flavors and richness of the cheese. 


Standard white wine selections, such as Pinot Blanc, Soave, and Riesling, are usually paired with feta cheese. Feta cheese has a level of saltiness and tanginess that young and dry white wines can blend well with. 


On the other hand, red wines with less oaky flavors, such as Cotes du Rhone, St-Chinian, and young Bordeaux variations, work best with Gouda, Provolone, and other semi-soft cheeses.



Combining well-cooked meals and fine wine always brings out the best of every meal experience. With numerous selections available, it is best to take this opportunity to experiment and get creative with how you blend two flavors into one meaningful experience. For those who stick to the classics, then these tried and true pairings will surely tickle your taste buds.

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