Here’s What You Can Do When Your Insurance Claim is Denied



The whole reason why we take out insurance policies is to protect ourselves in a worst-case scenario. Nobody takes them out, hoping for something bad to happen. You take them out and pay regularly, knowing that it is what will keep you safe and afloat if something bad happens. It’s, therefore, natural to see how an insurance claim getting denied is one of the worst things that can happen since it leaves you without a lifeline in a situation when you’re already in trouble. But getting your claim denied isn’t the end of the fight, and while you might not want to put yourself through any more trouble with the insurance company, you need to fight for what’s rightfully yours. Here’s how:

Check Why It Was Declined

The first step is determining whether the claim was rightfully denied. Get your contract out and pour through it to make sure that the things you’re filing for are covered by your insurance. Sometimes, a claim might be rejected because some paperwork wasn’t filled out properly and all you need to do is to resubmit the claim with the right documents. If you’re not sure whether your insurance covers it, you should call them up and ask for them to explain exactly why it was declined and where in the contract explains that part. If you’re still unsure, always check with your lawyer to make sure you actually have a case.

Lawyer Up

This is one battle that you don’t want to go into alone. Going against a big insurance company can seem terrifying because they seem to have all the power and the money, which is why you need some good lawyers on your side. You can find out more about what a lawyer can do for you and make sure you’re going with the right choice. You want to find a lawyer who’s dealt with claims like these before – and won. Your lawyer should be confident that you can win the case and have a track record to back it up.

Collect All The Documents


Every single one. You don’t want your case falling through because you didn’t have a document that someone asked for. Depending on the claim, you’ll need to get together different papers, but in general, you will want to have everything relevant: medical documents, witness testimonies, photographic evidence, but also everything related to filing the claim, like emails and filled forms. You’ll also need to write a formal complaint letter and make sure that it’s delivered in time, or you might lose the case just on that basis.

Build Your Case

Not only do you want to have a strong case for your claim, but you can get a lot more from an appeal if you manage to prove that your claim should have been accepted in the first place. You can also appeal a claim if you think that what was offered is too low for the damages done, in which case you need to pay special attention to all the details of the case to make sure you backup your claims with hard evidence. Your lawyers will help you make a list of all the documentation you’ll need, but you can get a head start and compile physical and digital copies of everything you might need and have them handy whenever you’re discussing the case.

Seek Damages

Not only can you file a claim to get the insurance you were originally supposed to get, but you can also seek further damages that have been caused by the delay in delivering the insurance. For example, if you have a health insurance claim denied, and your problems worsen because you couldn’t get treatment on time, or the added stress causes even more problems, you can get a bigger compensation than you were supposed to originally get. This is, however, a big risk, and you should only go through with it if you have a lawyer that is fully confident in your case.


The most important thing you need to remember is to be very assertive. You can’t expect any compensation that simply isn’t covered by the insurance, and if you try to chase such a claim, you will only be creating more issues and costs for yourself. But you should also never back down from getting what is rightfully yours, no matter how insignificant the sum might be. This is why the first step is always hiring a lawyer because they will have your best interests in mind and advise you on the next steps.



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