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What to Do When You Lose Your Car’s Paperwork

Once you purchase a vehicle, you need to register it with the local department of motor vehicles, insure it, tax it, and do regular maintenance checks. These are all requirements by law, and therefore you must abide by it, whether you want it or not. Due to the importance of this and potential consequences for failing to comply, documentation proves evidence that you are following all regulations required from you as a driver.
If the police stop you, for example, they may ask you for one or all of these documents, which you should have with you in your car at all times. For this reason, it can be quite frustrating and stressful to lose your documents but do not panic – in this article, we will provide you with an overview of documents you require as a driver and advise you on what to do when you lose your car’s paperwork.


I Have Lost My Documents, What Do I Do?

Unfortunately, as careful as you may be, losing paperwork can still happen. While you should have your car paperwork safely stored in your person, if possible, or have copies at home. You mustn’t panic and simply replace it as soon as possible.
Drivers Licence – If you lose your driving license, you should contact your local department of motor vehicles as well as the police, in case someone else has stolen the document to commit fraud. DMV should then advise you on how to proceed with requesting a new one.
Vehicle Registration – If you lose your vehicle registration, you can easily obtain another one as services using quick tags Fairfax imaging enables you to complete this online. Doing this is crucial as you need your registration and must get a replacement as soon as possible.
Service history – If you have lost this, you can request your mechanic to provide you a copy, as they will have access to the appropriate systems.
Insurance – You can simply contact your insurance provider and request further evidence of this.

What Documents Do I need

Driving license – this is a prominent document that you need with you at all times. This is a document that evidences that you have passed your driving test and are qualified to drive. In some countries, it can also be used as an identification document.
Service history – Frequently, drivers forget the importance of this document, particularly new drivers. Your vehicle must meet specific regulations to be deemed safe to be on the roads by law. You must keep up with your maintenance checks and keep the document evidencing that your vehicle has passed this.
Insurance – You are required by law to have your car insured so that you are protected should anything happen. Nowadays, there are online systems that will quickly inform law enforcement if a vehicle is not insured, but in the case of an error with the systems, make sure you carry the evidence with you.
Tax – In many countries, you have to pay an additional sum of money so that the government can afford the maintenance of the roads. If you do not pay for this, your car is not allowed to be on the streets, and it could be impounded if the police stop you.
Vehicle Registration – The vehicle must be registered in your name, and regulations may differ depending on where you live. Usually, when you buy a car, you will register your car in your name to be the lawful owner of the vehicle, and the evidence will be given to you.

Why Do I need Documents

The Police May Ask For it

The documents described above are important because they give evidence that you are legally able to drive, and your vehicle is legally safe to be on the road. Without it, authorities could deem you as a risk to other road users and pedestrians. If the police ever stop you, they may ask you for these documents.
Therefore you must have them on you at all times. Although officers can obtain this information from digital databases, this may not always be possible, or there may be errors with the systems. If you have the documents with you, you have nothing to worry about.

To Replace Lost Keys

Losing the keys to your car is a situation none of us want to be in – but unfortunately, it happens. However, you will need the above documents to prove that the car is yours, to have the car keys replaced. Some people can try to steal a vehicle by getting a spare key, and if you do not have the documents with you, you may struggle to get your replacement key.



To Sell Your Car

If you ever think about selling your car, the next owner will want to make sure that everything is done correctly and that the vehicle has all its checks completed. Therefore, you will need the documents to ensure that the car meets law regulations and can easily pass it on to the next owner.


Losing your vehicle’s documents can be a nightmare, but it is not impossible to get them back. You can now do it online, so you won’t even have to stand in line at your local DMV. Just make sure that you do this as soon as you possibly can to avoid getting in trouble with the local law enforcement.

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