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Qualities to Look For When Choosing an Aged Care Facility

Most of us are forever in debt to our elderly, who have spent their lives laking care of us and giving us the best life they could aford, financially and emotionally. But, at a point in life, roles change and we become responsible for our elders, so when the time comes when we become their caregivers, we have to try to pay th eunpayble debt the best way we can. However, sometimes an Aged Care Facility is the only option some people have to ensure their elders are well taken care of. Read on to know about the qualities you should look for when choosing an Aged Care Facility.

caregiver holding the hand of an elderly woman

Qualified Staff

When looking for an Aged Care Facility, it is very important to make sure that the staff members have ethics, good relationships with the residents, and are well trained. So, when you are considering an Aged Care Facility, you need to find out about these points;

  • If the staff is professionally trained.
  • The training duration.
  • Do they receive professional development sessions?
  • Staff turnover, as a high turnover is not a good sign.
  • Average working hours, to make sure they are not stressed out.
  • Staffing ratio.
  • Range of services (physical, therapeutic, and occupational).
  • How they handle medical emergencies.
  • The kind of relationships they have with their residents.

Standard of Living

The first thing you need to pay attention to when checking the facility is its cleanliness, it has to be clean and well maintained. Check the rooms, make sure that they are spacious and cozy. Ask if the rooms are shared or private and if residents can personalize their rooms to feel more at home or not. Look at the furniture and try it out, sit on chairs, and lay on infinite position hospital beds to make sure that they are comfortable. Check for breakaway spaces and gardens. There should be enough lifts and ramps to ensure the maximum physical safety of residents. Also, make sure there are fire alarms, panic alarms, and working fire exits. Food is of utmost importance. You have to make sure that the facility offers high-quality food using fresh ingredients, check how often they change the menu, and if they accommodate different dietary requirements.

Sense of Community

A good Aged Care Facility should have a strong sense of community. Professionals at Arcare Brisbane say that events and gatherings should be held within the facility and outside of it. Residents of a good Aged Home Facility should be engaged with the outer community. Ask about trips and events scheduled by the facility. Also, look at the residents and see if they look happy or depressed. Make sure that family members are allowed to regularly visit the facility.

Hands of an elderly woman with cane

Ethical Management

The facility management should have a good reputation. The management should value the contributions of the elderly people to the community and make sure that they feel that they are important. Good management should respect its staff and residents by offering the staff members good salaries and a safe friendly working environment, and the residents should be included in their plans by listening to their concerns in regular meetings to ensure that they are enjoying their life and not forced to live in the facility. The facility should be accredited to ensure it is following specific standards. Transparent management is a good one with nothing to hide. The residents and their family members should be kept well-informed all the time.

Specialized Care 

If your elderly family member has a special need of any kind, you need to make sure that their needs are taken care of. For example, if they have dementia, then there should be dementia-specific care in the facility. Specialized care also includes cultural differences needs, like special diets and activities, so make sure that the Aged Home Facility meets the requirements of different ethnic and religious groups.

Finding an Aged Care Facility that can be your relative’s second home is a tough decision that requires a lot of thinking and investigation, as you want to make sure that they are living a happy, healthy, and safe life and that their needs are met in a professional, yet friendly way. Take your time and make sure to collect enough information about the facility. How happy residents are will be shown on their faces, so you have to pay the facility a visit to pick on the vibe there. Our elderly have sacrificed a lot for our well being and we should ensure that they are enjoying their golden years comfortably and happily.

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