When Is Hiring a Lawyer for a Car Accident Worth It?

Getting into a car accident is one of the most traumatic and overwhelming situations a person can face. Unfortunately, despite the high car accident rates, many people don’t take the necessary safety precautions to avoid them. No one expects to be in this kind of situation, and most people believe that if it does happen, they’ll know how to handle it. However, there’s a lot that goes into the process of dealing with a car accident, and even though a crash may not always warrant hiring a lawyer, it’s essential in some cases. Here are some instances when hiring a professional personal injury lawyer is worth it.


You Don’t Have the Knowledge

Personal injury law is a particular field of law that not everyone is familiar with. That is why most people don’t know what to do after getting in a car accident. Insurance companies play on this fact and take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge of the proper processes and procedures following an accident. For example, the law in Athens, Georgia states that the driver who was at-fault for the accident should be held liable for all related costs. The trick is in gathering proof and filing a claim, which requires certain knowledge and expertise you can only find with a personal injury lawyer.

Your Injuries Were Severe 

If the accident resulted in severe physical injuries, it would require a visit to the emergency room, long-term treatment, and follow-up medical care. That’s why if you’ve suffered injuries in Athens, where car accidents tend to be quite serious, it would be wise to hire a lawyer that would ensure you are compensated for your medical expenses. Even if you believe your injuries are minor, make sure your doctor clears you of possible complications. Some injuries will not only need a significant amount of money for treatment but could cause you to miss work. Permanent injuries would also require life-long physical treatment, not to mention mental health treatment to heal from the psychological repercussions of suffering such a traumatic incident.  

It Wasn’t Your Fault

One of the most confusing aspects to deal with following a car accident is determining whose fault it was. Unclear liability could lead you to suffer consequences even though you were not at fault. If you believe you were not responsible or only partially responsible for the accident, hiring a lawyer would be worth it to prove your claim. If someone else’s actions caused the accident, you should not be held accountable for any damages. Even if the cause was a sudden loss of control of your car, the car company would be held accountable. You should especially hire a lawyer if the negligence of a governmental entity caused the accident because you would be in over your head and need an expert by your side.

The Insurance Company Is Playing Tricks

As previously mentioned, insurance companies take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge in personal injuries but it doesn’t stop there. It’s commonly known that most insurance companies resort to playing certain tricks to evade their responsibility. For example, they can delay the settlement to earn interest from the money or until the person becomes in urgent need of it that they settle for a lesser amount. As for car insurance companies, they sometimes claim they don’t have to pay for medical bills from the accident if they were already covered by medical insurance, which is against the law. If you are suspecting any kind of foul play from your insurance company, it would be wise to hire a lawyer to deal with them efficiently.

You Are Offered An Unfair Settlement

Another case that would be worth hiring a personal injury lawyer for is if you get a low-ball settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. It’s difficult to determine on your own the costs accident injuries might inflict on your life, while an experienced lawyer would be able to analyze and estimate them concerning the damages sustained. That’s why you shouldn’t accept a settlement or make an official statement to a third-party insurance provider until you’ve consulted with a lawyer. Moreover, many people don’t know that medical bills are sent in a specific way where there can be multiple bills from one ER visit, a separate bill for the ambulance, and another one for the hospital. In case of surgery, there would be another separate bill for it and another for other procedures. Companies take advantage of people not knowing this process and only identify one or two bills when you are supposed to be compensated for all expenses.



Now that you know when it is worth it to hire a lawyer after being involved in a car accident, you just need to find a suitable lawyer in your area that will come to your aid when necessary. One of the best perks of consulting an honest and reliable lawyer is that they will tell you whether or not you need their services depending on the settlement amount you are offered and the evidence to support your claim. So, it would not hurt to get a consultation anyway to ensure you are getting your full rights.

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