The Many Uses of Liquid Dispenser Pumps

The Many Uses of Liquid Dispenser Pumps

Lids are a small detail of convenience that we all take for granted. One common yet unappreciated form of packaging closure that offers significant convenience is the dispensing pump. Manufacturers that strategically apply the many uses of liquid dispenser pumps add more value to their goods. The addition of a pump makes using a product easier and also improves the package’s reusability.

Sanitizing Supplies

We’re all very familiar with hand sanitizers in dispensing containers. It’s the perfect minimal-contact solution that’s already supporting communities around the nation in their efforts to control cross-contamination. In addition to hand sanitizers, many cleaning products become significantly more accessible when shipped with dispenser tops.

Most commonly, hand pumps are found on conditioners, body wash, and liquid soaps. After all, no one wants to fumble with a cap or fight gravity for the last drop of shampoo. Another variation is the spray dispenser pump, which is nothing short of a staple for perfumes and many hair products.

Dispensing Body Care Products

Many other skin-applicable beauty supplies benefit from a pump dispenser. Facial creams, lotions, and skin cleaning products often come in either a generic tube or a handy dispenser. The latter provides a better customer experience, as it is easy to control the quantity being dispensed, not to mention the quickness of dispensing.

Furthermore, a dispensing bottle has practical recycling uses around the house, as it is refillable. This gives pump closures a leg up on many other closure types regarding customer satisfaction.

Dispensing Edible Goods

Some of the many uses of liquid dispenser pumps include sauces and condiments. Most often, this type of closure is incorporated into storage vessels of shelf-stable sauces. Topping dispensers are mostly seen in cafeterias and self-help areas of restaurants. However, in the contaminant-conscious reality of today, dispensers can serve a much more essential purpose.

Much like the minimal-touch approach to dispensing hand sanitizer, most condiments a restaurant offers can be dispensed via the pump. For areas where dining at restaurants is open under restrictions, minimizing customer contact is essential. Dispensers are easy to clean after any use and do not require the amount of handling that typical bottles and jars do.

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